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April 07, 2006

Review: COLLAPSE – Journal of Philosophical Research and Development

Bored? Tired of the same repetitive academic rut? Want a new set of concepts? Fancy a bit of an adventure? Then get COLLAPSE, out soon.


COLLAPSE is just so...[can't choose exactly the right adjective, but "vital", "exciting" and "connected" would be in the vicinity]. Perhaps you have been unlucky, never having encountered this publication? They say it is a "Journal of Philosophical Research and Development", however its creative conception of any of those six words is in itself part of the adventure. No publication has ever been quite so tangential and at the same time so concentratory.

"It aims to force unforeseen conjunctions, singular correspondences, and cross-fertilisations; to diagram abstract sensations as yet unnamed."

"The journal COLLAPSE exists as the explosive, perhaps fragmentary, product of the passion for thought, unrestrained by any thematic or formal constraint, any justificatory relation to any agency whatsoever."

Academia averse to risk? Not in COLLAPSE. Ceaseless regurgitation of its own grey matter? No.