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December 04, 2006

Latest Lawrence photos

By popular demand, more photos of Lorenzo…

He gets very excited when he sees my Beemer, and will even wash it for me:

Cleaning the Beemer

And washing the car:

At the car wash

Fun with hose pipes:


Autumn leaves:

In the trees

He sat patiently through a lecture about the barn owl. His favourite word is owl:

Barn owl

Another owl:

Barn owl 2

Evidence of the popularity of the Kenilworth to Coventry cycle lane

Follow-up to Cross in 3 seconds or you're dead – cycling to Warwick University from Transversality - Robert O'Toole

To disprove She Bevan’s unfounded claim that the cycle lane is not used, consider the tracks clearly visible on this photograph taken at 8am shortly after a rain shower.

Demonstrating the volume of cycle traffic

I suspect that many of the cyclists start out early, being healthy and conscientious types. I’ve seen a wide mix of people on the path, including students. Lawrence is the only baby.

Surely with this volume of traffic crossing the junction at the top of the hill, a safer crossing is essential?