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October 31, 2008

Beat Lawro: Round 3

Writing about web page

Beat Lawro is back to usual this weekend with six 3pm kick offs on Saturday. Post your predictions for the following matches here by 3pm on Saturday:

Chelsea v Sunderland
Manchester United v Hull City
Middlesbrough v West Ham
Portsmouth v Wigan
Stoke v Arsenal
West Brom v Blackburn

Lawro’s predictions this week are:
Chelsea 2-0 Sunderland
Manchester United 3-0 Hull City
Middlesbrough 2-1 West Ham
Portsmouth 2-0 Wigan
Stoke 0-2 Arsenal
West Brom 1-1 Blackburn

October 23, 2008

Beat Lawro: Round 2

Writing about web page

Round 1 saw a successful debut for our newbie Mark and an awful return for veteran Turze, but as Lawro proved last season, consistency is the key to top the league. So round 1 was just the start of a long season…

This weekend’s matches have been heavily affected by the European matches in mid-week. Therefore, we’re going to predict Saturday evening’s and Sunday’s matches too.

Get your predictions in by 3pm on Saturday for the following matches:
West Brom v Hull (Sat 1500)
Blackburn v Middlesbrough (Sat 1730)
Chelsea v Liverpool (Sun 1330)
Man City v Stoke (Sun 1500)
Tottenham v Bolton (Sun 1500)
Wigan v Aston Villa (Sun 1500)
West Ham v Arsenal (Sun 1600)
Portsmouth v Fulham (Sun 1700)

Remember to check your progress at:

February 24, 2007

RaW Sport – 1000 Not Out! (2pm Today!)

The day has finally arrived. Tune in at 2pm for all this and more:

- a two part biography written and presented by Paul Stowe
- a clip from the very first episode of RaW Sport (the W963 Not Out) in 1991
- pre-records previous Heads of Sport and other important members
- former Head of Sport Paul Stowe live from Norwich v Coventry
- former Head of Sport Steve Hoon live on the phone
- highlights from the show covering the Champions League Final in 1999
- Punt the Pundit 1000th show special
- RaW Sport Quiz 1000th show special
- we may also dust off RaW Sport Three Lions for another outing
- there’s also some sport going on I believe

February 23, 2007

RaW Sport's Big Ron Manager: Episode Three: Ron the Reducer

You can listen to episode three of ‘RaW Sport’s Big Ron Manager’, Ron the Reducer, by clicking on the link below:

Written by Peter Swan
Produced by Peter Swan and Rob Stevens

‘Big’ Ron Atkinson – Pete ‘Timmo’ Timothy
Jose Mourinho – Olly Whitehead
Peter Kenyon – Peter Lefort
John Terry – Peter Swan
Neil Ruddock – Peter Lefort
Ashley Cole – Sarah Cunnane
Garth Crooks – Peter Lefort
Jeff Stelling – Rob Stevens

February 21, 2007

RaW Sport Midweek Tonight

From 9pm we will be broadcasting live from the Rootes social bar bringing you live commentary and reaction from Liverpool’s clash with Barcelona. Not one to be missed.

February 17, 2007

RaW Sport – 1000 Not Out! 'Punt the Pundit' Special

As part of our 1000th show preparations we have decided on a one-off special version of ‘Punt the Pundit’ our highly successful blog-based feature from term one. However this time we will be turning the spotlight on ourselves as we aim to find the ultimate RaW Sport pundit. That’s right, we have metaphorically locked ourselves in a Big Brother style house and we will be giving you the chance to vote to save us from eviction. Basically the format will be as follows; up until midnight on the 23rd of February you will have the chance to vote to save your favourite pundit here on the blog (simply list a name and why you think they should stay). The four pundits with the highest number of votes will be revealed live on the 1000th show and it will then be up to you to tune in on the 24th and vote for your favourite to win the crown of RaW Sport Punt the Pundit 1000th Show Champion (slick title I know). So there you go, simple as that.

In case you have forgotten who we all are here is a quick run down of the team:

Peter Swan

Position: Head of Sport

Team: Ipswich

Why Vote? *

Robert Stevens

Position: Deputy Head of Sport

Team: Brighton

Why Vote? Rob is a man of strong opinions who always speaks his mind. No show is complete without a patented Stevens rant. He is also has the greatest commentary voice in the history of RaW Sport.

Pete ‘Timmo’ Timothy

Position: Deputy Head of Sport

Team: Arsenal

Why Vote? Pete brings east London charm and a sense of humour to the show. His competitiveness in the Sports Quiz is also legendary.

Peter Lefort

Position: Deputy Head of Sport

Team: Ipswich

Why Vote? The calming influence on the team, Peter’s level headed analysis is the perfect antidote to Messers Stevens and Timothy. He also has amazing hair.

David Hawkes

Position: Deputy Head of Sport

Team: Leicester

Why Vote? Containing more sporting knowledge than even Dave Sheffield’s ‘Sportwatchers Guide’ can muster, David Hawkes is a sports genius. But will this be enough to get him into the final?

Martyn Turze

Position: Sport Team Man-In-Hat-With-Beard

Team: Liverpool

Why Vote? Martyn brings a real sense of sporting passion to the RaW Sport Team – just listen to his celebrate a Liverpool goal! He is also a bloody good pundit to boot.

Olly Whitehead

Position: Sport Team Resident Cricket Expert

Team: Plymouth

Why Vote? The only member of the sport team who could fill a whole four hour show monologing by himself. Judge for yourselves whether this is a good thing or not!

Sarah Cunnane

Position: Sport Team Girl

Team: Middlesbrough

Why Vote? The bravest girl in the world (or possibly the most foolish) for spending her Saturdays hanging with the rest of us nerds.

Adam Wilbourn

Position: Sport Team Ginger

Team: Bolton

Why Vote? Adam is the sweet, funny one all the ladies like. Just don’t get him started on Kevin Nolan. Oh yeah, and he’s strawberry blonde.

Das Shah

Position: Sport Team Laptop Master

Team: Manchester Utd

Why Vote? Das is always on hand with the goal news first. Also his ever presence means that no sports show is complete without him.

David Sheffield

Position: Legend

Team: Crystal Palace

Why Vote? Do I need to put a reason? Okay, here’s one – Sports Quiz.

  • I’m not going to write about myself.

February 16, 2007

RaW Sport – 1000 Not Out! Coming Soon.

That’s right folks, on the 24th February 2007 RaW Sport will broadcast its 1000th show. By our reckoning this makes it the longest running show on student radio, and to celebrate we have got all manner of special features for you listening pleasure. As yet we haven’t finalised the show fully, however we should hopefully have the following:

- clips from as many former Heads of Sport as we can lay our hands on
- the history of RaW Sport as told by Paul Stowe
- Paul Stowe live at Norwich v Coventry
- clips from as many different eras as we can lay our hands on
- a one-off return of ‘Punt the Pundit’
- episode three of RaW Sport’s Big Ron Manager
- a special RaW Sport – 1000 Not Out version of the quiz

RaW Sport – 1000 Not Out, 2pm Sat 24th Feb 2007 – RaW 1251AM

February 09, 2007

RaW Sport's 'Big Ron Manager' – Episode One: The Ron Factor

Early each year RaW spends a month on FM. This is obviously a big thing as it stretches the distance over which we broadcast considerably from our usual AM frequency. To celebrate this year’s FM period we decided to write and record our own four part radio play based on the Sky One television series ‘Big Ron Manager’.

The Premise

Ron Atkinson is one of English football’s most successful, and most tanned, managers. Ron’s career has spanned three decades and has included success with massive clubs such as Aston Villa, Manchester United, and, um, Kettering Town. Now, however, Ron is operating as a self styled ‘football trouble-shooter’ ready for hire by any needy club. Last week Ron was called in by Premier League side Chelsea after a simply disastrous run of results which has seen last years Champions actually drawing games. Our cameras will follow Ron’s every move as he aims to help manager Jose Mourinho halt the decline and return his side to thrashing every opponent with alarming regularity.

RaW Sport’s ‘Big Ron Manager’ – Episode One: The Ron Factor

Written by Peter Swan
Produced by Matt Rebeiro and Peter Swan

‘Big’ Ron Atkinson – Pete ‘Timmo’ Timothy
Jose Mourinho – Olly Whitehead
Peter Kenyon – Peter Lefort
John Terry – Peter Swan
Garth Crooks – Peter Lefort
Cockney Journalist – Rob Stevens
Guardian Journalist – Sarah Cunnane
Jeff Stelling – Rob Stevens

You can listen to episode one which was broadcast last Wednesday by clicking on the link below:

February 03, 2007

RaW Sport Not Out Today

Tune into RaW Sport Not Out from 2pm today for all your Saturday afternoon sporting needs. Adam Wilbourn will be in the chair as we bring you all the football action – including live reports from Aston Villa v West Ham – and news from the start of the Six Nations championships. We may also find time to preview the Super Bowl XLI and, for a change, talk about England, cricket and victory against Australia. As always, after 5pm, we will have the RaW Sport Quiz to round out the show. So whatever you are doing this afternoon don’t forget to tune into RaW Sport on 87.7FM, on 1251AM and on the interweb as well.

January 29, 2007

RaW Sport Championship Dream Team 06/07

After much debate, here is our Championship Dream Team for this season:

(GK) Maik Taylor (Birmingham City)

(RB) Richard Stearman (Leicester City)
(LB) Paul Robinson (West Bromwich Albion)
(CB) Curtis Davies (West Bromwich Albion)
(CB) Elliot Ward (Coventry City)

(RM) Nicklas Bendtner (Birmingham City)
(LM) Gary McSheffery (Birmingham City)
(CM) Jason Koumas (West Bromwich Albion)

(FW) Chris Iwelumo (Colchester United)
(FW) Steve Howard (Derby County)
(FW) Robert Earnshaw (Norwich City)

What do people think? I suspect our side is a little too attack minded!

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