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December 15, 2006

Quote of the Day

Portsmouth striker Kanu demonstrates that he is the personification of loyalty. When asked about rumours he may be leaving the club in January the 30-year-old Nigerian reportedly said:

“It is all about the money. If a better offer comes I will take it.

“I appreciate Portsmouth and their fans, but I am just waiting for the January transfer window to come.

And who says footballers don’t care about their clubs.

December 13, 2006

RaW Sport’s ‘Punt The Pundit’ – The Final Review

After nine long weeks of competition, Alan Hansen was finally named RaW Sport Punt the Pundit Champion. And I have to say it was fully deserved. Alan, it seems, is universally popular and nobody ever seems to have a bad word to say against him. This, however, cannot be said of some of our other pundits. In order of popularity they were as follows:

1) Alan Hansen – A god among men in the world of punditry. His twin obsessions of Liverpool and ‘sloppy’ defending aside, Alan in untouchable.

2) Alan Green – Perhaps a bit of a surprise to see Greenie so high up the list. Without doubt he is a talented commentator, but is he a pundit? Answers on a postcard.

3) Ron Atkinson – In true Big Brother style Big Ron only entered the house midway through the competition, however oddly he still seemed to have enough fans to vote him into third place

4) Andy Gray – In my opinion the only man to rival Hansen. Disappointingly for his many fans he could only manage fourth, however he did receive the honour of being the pundit to survive the most nominations (3)

5) Jeff Stelling – Sir Jeff is a legend, but his command of stats could not stop him from going out in week 7 of the competition.

6) Gary Lineker – Everyone loves Gary as a presenter, but as a pundit? I think not.

7) Lawro – RaW Sport favourite Lawro probably survived longer than he should. Must be his Irish charm.

8) Chris Kamara – Even the discovery that Kammy had his own PS1 game was not enough to save the Championship enthusiast from an early exit.

9) Garth Crooks – Split opinion like no other. You either love Garth or you hate in. Unfortunately for Mr Crooks most of us seem to hate him.

10) John Motson – It was a massive shock when Motty, the father of football punditry, went in week 2. Not so much because we thought he was any good, but more because Garth survived at his expense.

11) Andy Townsend – Officially the least popular pundit in the world ever*. Proof that we’d rather be annoyed by Garth than bored senseless by Andy .

  • may not actually be true

December 09, 2006

Shut up Mourinho

Before I start, I have to say that I am a massive Mourinho fan. I think he has been brilliant for English football, and I honestly believe that he is among the best three coaches in the world. However his recent comments about Chelsea fielding a B team in the lower leagues show that whilst he may know a lot about football, he doesn’t know everything.

Jose has suggested that it might be a good idea for teams such as Chelsea to field a second team in the lower leagues so that his fringe players can get more competitive football. In Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid already have such an arrangement and Mourinho can’t see why the same thing cannot work in England. Well, Jose, the simple answer is that thousands of us like the lower leagues in England. If you took time out from your busy schedule you would see that attendances are the highest in Europe for second, third and fourth tier football. What makes you think that your oh so precious Premiership title is worth anymore to you than winning League 1 is to Nottingham Forest right now? English lower league football is just as competitive, if not more so than the Premiership. Introducing a Chelsea rejects 11 would kill the lower leagues stone cold dead.

I suppose, in a way, I shouldn’t be too hard on Mourinho. After all, why should a foreign superstar manager be expected to know anything about English football below the Premier League? Indeed the usually thoughtful pair of Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez have also come out in support of the plan, so I guess they genuinely don’t get what they are saying. However I’m still slightly shocked by how little three of the English leagues top managers seem to understand about the league in which they operate.

I don’t usually have a good word to say about Fergie, but as someone who clearly understands the structure of British football, he has stayed markedly quiet. And good on him. The big clubs in this country have almost everything their own way. The day they rule the lower leagues as well we might as well all go home. My team (Ipswich) had to fire the kit man and sell the team coach in a cost cutting drive the other day. Just think about that the next time you’re signing a cheque for £20M+ Mr Mourinho.

December 07, 2006

RaW Sport Review of the Year 2006

Last night was the RaW Sport Review of the Year. Here are the results:

International Football:

Team of the Year: Italy
Moment of the Year: Zidane’s head-butt on Marco Materazzi in the World Cup Final
Personality of the Year: Fabio Cannavaro

Formula One:

Team of the Year: Renault
Moment of the Year: Jenson Button winning his first grand prix in Hungary
Personality of the Year: Michael Schumacher

Rugby Union:

Team of the Year: Munster
Moment of the Year: Italy getting their first ever points in the six nations
Personality of the Year: Dan Carter

European Football:

Team of the Year: Barcelona
Moment of the Year: Middlesbrough’s comeback against Basle
Personality of the Year: Thierry Henry


Moment of the Year: Tiger Woods’ caddie dropping one of his clubs in a lake at the Ryder Cup
Personality of the Year: Darren Clarke


Moment of the Year: Murray beating Federer
Personality of the Year: Andy Murray/Martina Hingis


Team of the Year: Reading
Moment of the Year: Watford going 3-0 up against Crystal Palace in the first half of the first leg of the playoff semi-finals
Personality of the Year: Adie Boothroyd


Team of the Year: Australia
Moment of the Year: Kevin Pietersen’s reverse swept six of Muralitharan in the 1st test against Sri Lanka
Personality of the Year: Mohammed Yousuf


Moment of the Year: Asafa Powell’s world record in Gateshead
Personality of the Year: Asafa Powell


Team of the Year: Wigan
Moment of the Year: Tottenham’s collective dodgy stomach against West Ham
Personality of the Year: Cesc Fabregas





December 05, 2006

Meet the Team #4 – Pete 'Timmo' Timothy

Name: Pete ‘Timmo’ Timothy

Position: Deputy Head of Sport

Team: Arsenal

Home town: London Town

First Match for RaW Sport: Aston Villa v Manchester City (Feb 06)

Timmo, so called because his proper first name is just a bit too common on the sport team, has been a regular member of the sports team since early 2006. Noteable for his love of Arsenal and strong sporting opinions, nothing makes Timmo happier than a decent win for the Gunners (especially against United or Spurs).

Unusually for a RaW Sport member Timmo is actually properly good at sport, particularly football where he is famed for his cultured left foot. Being such a sporting legend, there was no need to ask Timmo twice when he was invited to try a spot of fencing on Varsity Day. Indeed Timmo was so taken by his day with Warwick’s fencing team that he now lists star player Harold Wyber as one of his sporting heroes.

Aside from his sporting prowess, Timmo is also famed for his seemingly unlimited pool of foreign accents, which he produces at random throughout the show. This is particularly the case in the ‘Improvisation Round’ of the RaW Sport Quiz of which an amazing example can be found here

December 04, 2006

Quote of the Day

Just found this gem on the BBC website…
Paul Merson: “He looks like a fish up a tree.”
Presenter: “What does that look like?”
Merson: “Out of his depth.”

Strangely profound for an alchoholic ex footballer.

December 02, 2006

Today's Show

Coming up on RaW Sport Not Out this afternoon:

- all the major Premiership and Championship action
- live reports from Birmingham v Plymouth
- the RaW Sport Quiz
- a review of the first two days play of the 2nd Ashes test
- Beat Lawro
- Punt the Pundit
- Boris Johnson

Tune in from 2pm.

December 01, 2006

RaW Sport's 'Punt the Pundit' – The FINAL

Follow-up to RaW Sport’s Punt the Pundit from RaW Sport Blog

After four consecutive nominations Andy Gray finally met his match in Alan Green last Wednesday. I have to admit that given the fact that Stelling and Lineker had gone home early mainly because they were not viewed as pure enough pundits I thought Green might suffer the same fate. But no, he survived and that means our line-up for the final is as follows:


Obviously there will be no need for nominations this week so you can start voting for your winner now. As it is the ‘Punt the Pundit’ Grand Final this week we will be giving away a bottle of wine to the person who makes what we judge to be the best or funniest reason for their particular pundit to win.

Get voting. Results will be announced on the RaW Sport Review of the Year on Dec 6th.

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