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October 30, 2006

Meet the Team #2 – Peter Lefort

Name: Peter Lefort

Position: Deputy Head of Sport

Team: Ipswich Town

Home town: Cambridge

First Match for RaW Sport: Villa v Blackburn (Nov 06)

Instantly recognisable owing to his frizzy barnet, Mr Lefort has been a regular fixture in the RaW Sport studio in 2006. Whilst others on the sport team may have a tendancy to lose their heads from time to time (naming no names Rob Stevens), Peter brings a calming influence to any situation.

As seems to be the way with RaW Sport members at the moment, Peter has the slightly dubious honour of being an Ipswich fan. However this does ensure that there is plenty of Tractor Boys based discussion on the show – which can only be a good thing. Oddly enough it also means that press tickets for Ipswich games are among the most highly sought after in RaW towers.

So far this term Peter has been the master of ‘Beat Lawro’ in which the RaW Sport team aim to predict Saturday’s fixtures more accurately than Mark Lawrenson. This is not so much because he is good at predicting the games (though he isn’t bad), but that he is the only member of the sports team with decent enough mental arithmetic to add up the scores at the end of the afternoon.

Peter began his RaW Sport career reporting from the squash at this years Varsity Day where he famously commented that he was watching the sweatiest match he had ever seen.

October 29, 2006

RaW Sport's 'Punt the Pundit' – Week 4 Nominations

Follow-up to RaW Sport’s Punt the Pundit from RaW Sport Blog

This weeks show saw the hottest debate yet as to who should be nominated for evicition. With no obvious targets left only Hansen and Stelling avoided being nominated by at least one of the team. In the end, however Chris Kamara and Mark Lawrenson that were put up for evicition. Kammy, of course, escaped after being nominated last week whilst Lawro finds himself up for eviction for the very first time. So now, as always, it’s up to you? Tell us who should go and why by posting below. Tune in from 8.30pm this Wednesday to find out the results.

October 28, 2006

Today's Show

Don’t forget to tune in to RaW Sport Not Out from 2pm for another top afternoon of sport. Pete Timothy will be in the chair guiding you through all the afternoons football action including Liverpool v Aston Villa, Birmingham v West Brom and Barnsley v Coventry. We will also be punting another pundit from the ‘Punt the Pundit’ house and the legend that is Dave Sheffield will be returning to present a very special edition of the RaW Sport Quiz.

October 26, 2006

Team of the Week – Bad Barnets Eleven

Over the last few years under the leadership of Mr Steven Hoon the RaW Sport team have created many ‘Teams of the Week’, mostly notably the famed ‘Haters Eleven’ in which we tried to make the most unpopular team in Premiership history. Last night we tried to group together the worst selection of haircuts ever to grace England’s top league. And this is what we created (in 4-4-2 formation):

(GK) David Seaman – the ponytail

(RB) Abel Xavier – the bleached beard and hair combo
(LB) Christian Ziege – the Beckham esque Mowhawk
(CB) Rio Ferdinand – the corn rows (+ other random offences)
(CB) Taribo West – impossible to describe really

(RM) David Beckham – the master
(LM) Christiano Ronaldo – ‘Judy Garland’ curls
(CM) Ivan Campo – it’s a perm, it’s not a perm
(CM) Barry Venison – mullet-o-clock

(FW) Djibril Cisse – more offences with the bleach
(FW) Milan Baros – greasy, greasy, greasy

(SUB) Ian Walker – the brush back gone mad
(SUB) Anton Ferdiand – corn rows
(SUB) Emmanuel Petit – a big mane
(SUB) Robbie Savage – another mane
(SUB) Mustapha Hadji – rats tail

So there you have it. What do people think?

RaW Sport's 'Punt the Pundit' – Garth (finally) Bites the Dust

Follow-up to RaW Sport’s Punt the Pundit from RaW Sport Blog

After three weeks of nominations Garth has finally exited the RaW Sport ‘Punt the Pundit’ house. I would imagine much to relief of the other housemates and indeed his eviction rival Chris Kamara, the BBCs overly verbose interviewer eventually went in a landslide result. People, you did the right thing.

This leaves in the house:

1) Jeff Stelling (Sky Sports)

2) Alan Hansen (BBC)

3) Andy Gray (Sky Sports)

4) Gary Lineker (BBC)

6) Mark Lawrenson (BBC)

7) Chris Kamara (Sky Sports)

8) Alan Green (BBC)

Tune in on Saturday to find out the next pair of nominees.

October 25, 2006

Tonight's Show

Tune in from 8.30pm for the third RaW Sport Midweek of term. On tonight’s show we will be bringing you all the latest from the Carling Cup, reviewing an eventful season in Formula 1, punting another pundit and picking a Bad Barnets 11.

October 24, 2006

Schumacher exits in style

Okay, so Schumi couldn’t win an eighth championship, he couldn’t even finish his last race with a win, however he did more than enough to show why he is rated as one of the greatest sportsmen to have ever lived.

Despite starting in tenth and puncturing a tyre in the early stages of the race Schumacher still managed to finish fourth. And whilst that wasn’t enough to win him the championship it was enough to remind us all why Schumi was such an exciting driver.

Whilst others would have given up any hope of a decent finish after the early tangle with Fisichella, Schumacher pushed to the max passing car after car, often clearly struggling to keep the Ferrari on the track (such was his pace).

After twenty minutes of the Brazilian Grand Prix it Schumacher’s title hopes were effectively over, however he still put on a show to remember and even in the last lap was pushing to break his own fastest lap record. Rarely would you see such commitment from any other driver, or indeed any other sportsman.

Mr Schumacher, you may have been a naughty boy from time to time, but I salute you. Formula 1 will definitely be worse for your absence.

October 22, 2006

RaW Sport's 'Punt the Pundit' – Week 3 Nominations

Follow-up to RaW Sport’s Punt the Pundit from RaW Sport Blog

After another exciting round of nominations Garth Crooks again finds himself on the brink of eviction. This week however he is up against chirpy Championship guru Chris Kamara. Surely this week will be Garth’s last? Don’t forget it’s now up to you. Which do want to go and why? Post a name and reason below. The results will be revealed on Wednesday’s show. Here on some quotes to help you make your mind up:


‘Football’s football: If that weren’t the case it wouldn’t be the game that it is.’

‘That goal surprised most people, least of all myself’

“Sven, I can confirm you’re into the last 16” – BBC ‘reporter’ Garth Crooks stuns a nation during the 2002 World Cup moments after the draw with Nigeria that everyone knew would be enough to send England through.


’...and it (the ball) just crept either side of the post.’

‘Not only has he shown Junior Lewis the red card, but he’s sent him off’

‘It really is an amazing result, nil-nil at half time’

‘Now they have got an extra yard of doubtness in their minds’

October 21, 2006

Today's Show

Tune in from 2pm ( to have the following questions answered:

Will Steve Bruce get sacked before the end of the show?
Will Charlton have the disgrace of becoming the first team to lose to Watford this season?
What will Dave Sheffield come up with for this weeks ‘Innovation Round’ in the RaW Sport Quiz?
Will Andy Flintoff stay in bat for longer than one millisecond?
Will Garth be yet again up for eviction from the ‘Punt the Pundit’ house?
Will I dare retell the story a friend told me about Ian Bell?
Will Lawro again turn the tables and do better than all of us in ‘Beat Lawro’?

Tune in to RaW Sport Not Out from 2pm today to find out.

October 20, 2006

Meet the Team #1 – Rob Stevens

Name: Rob Stevens

Position: Deputy Head of Sport

Team: Brighton and Hove Albion

Home town: Brighton

First Match for RaW Sport: Villa v Everton (Feb 05)

Sadly Rob is on sabbatical from the sports team until Christmas as he is out in Venice (holidaying?) as part of his degree. However when he is on the show Rob, or the Stevens as he is sometimes known, is renouned for his forthright opinions.

He does not suffer fools gladly with David Beckham, Gavin Henson and Sven just three of the people to regularly suffer his wrath. Bizarrely one man who commands Rob’s unwavering support is Graeme Souness. Whilst the rest of RaW Sport team were amused by his disastrous reign as Newcastle manager Rob was always willing to put in a good word for the sour Scot.

Being a Brighton supporter Rob is often mocked on the show about his side’s lack of a stadium (they play at an athletics track), however he does have the distinction of following the same side as both Norman Cook and Des Lynam.

In his RaW Sport career Rob has had the distinction of featuring on our 2nd placed Best Sports Broadcasting at last years Student Radio Awards. He also features on all our entries for this year. In additon to this Rob has covered Varsity Day action in both 2005 and 2006 and is a regular on the RaW Sport Quiz where he is famed for his catchphrase ‘it all changes in the buzzer round’ as well as for constantly berating whoever happens to be his teamate.

Rob will be back on RaW Sport in early 2007.

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