October 07, 2006

RaW Sport’s Punt the Pundit

Tune in from 2pm today at www.radio.warwick.ac.uk (or on 1251AM should you be on campus) to get involved in our new blog based feature ‘Punt the Pundit’. In a secret part of Leamington we have locked 10 football pundits in a Big Brother-style house. Each week one pundit will be eliminated by audience vote until only a single pundit remains the RaW Sport ‘Punt the Pundit’ champion. Beginning on RaW Sport this Saturday we will be nominating two pundits for eviction. It will then be your job to vote on who should go by posting a name and a reason here on the blog or e-mailing the show. On Wednesday we will then announce who is saved and who is evicted and then the following Saturday another two house mates will be put up for eviction. Simple.

Tune at 2pm on Saturday to hear who will be the first couple up for eviction. In the mean time you can peruse our list of house mates. Who is your favourite and who do you really hate?

1) Jeff Stelling (Sky Sports)

Host of Sky Sports Soccer Saturday, Jeff is a one man football encyclopaedia. Nobody, not even Motty, can claim to be the master of stats like Stelling. If a goal goes in, he always knows ‘how it changes things’. Over the years he has also become highly skilled at dealing with dubious co-presenters and pundits such as Paul Merson, Rodney Marsh, Matt Le Tisser and the late George Best, and if that was not enough to prove he is the consummate professional, he was also the winner of a Weakest Link sports presenter special in 2003. Maybe a dark horse to win this competition too?

2) Alan Hansen (BBC)

Famed for his terse Scottish-ness, Hansen gives Match of the Day the gravitas which for some unknown reason Lawro and Lineker seem totally unable to provide. Indeed Hansen’s authority is such that if he expresses an opinion it usually becomes fact pretty quickly. His catchphrases include ‘diabolical’ and ‘sloppy’ (usually in reference to poor defending), and quite a lot of people remember him saying something about winning nothing with kids. However this simply serves to verify that the best pundits can live down rubbish predictions.

3) Andy Gray (Sky Sports)

Equally adept in the commentary box or in the studio, Andy Gray treads the Alan Hansen line of authoritative punditry. Nobody ever dares argue with Gray, however the reason as to why this is the case is that he is simply never wrong. As with Hansen he has an arsenal of handy catchphrases including ‘right out the top drawer’ and ‘you don’t save those’. Apparently he is also such a footballing institution he has a drinking game named after him.

4) Gary Lineker (BBC)

The man with the cleanest image in television, Gary is the ying to Alan Hansen’s yang. Armed with more one-liners than the South Korean monorail network, Gary puts the fun into football. However he also has an adept football brain and it is not unknown for him to make cutting observations, particularly with regard to the England side and former manager Sven Goran Eriksson, for whom he clearly had much respect.

5) Andy Townsend (ITV)

Never one to pass up ITV’s latest eye catching novelty (anyone remember The Tactics Truck?), Andy can now regularly be found down on pitch-side with Ally McCoist and ‘that’ desk during Champions League coverage. However whilst the whole set up is ridiculously stupid, it does have the benefit of ensuring that the viewer must only suffer a minimal amount of Townsend’s punditry skills. Surely a candidate for going home early?

6) Mark Lawrenson (BBC)

Long gone are the days of the Chuckle Brother moustache, yet the feeling that Lawro is in some way related to the comedy siblings never quite goes away. Like Gary, Lawro is not adverse to a one liner, although his efforts are invariably much, much worse. Arguably he is the worse pundit in the house with his opinions usually clichéd and hackneyed or just plain wrong, however grudgingly I think most would admit there is some sort of charm in this. He could an unlikely bet to make the final.

7) Chris Kamara (Sky Sports)

The face of Sky’s Championship coverage, nothing excites Kammy more than a good old fashioned tackle. Having said that, Kammy gets pretty excited at almost anything to do with football and his irrepressible enthusiasm make could make even Barnsley v QPR seem like a glamour tie (well almost). Surely the ever popular Kamara is set for a long stay in the competition?

8) Alan Green (BBC)

Perhaps the most controversial pundit in the Big Brother house, there are very few people that have not suffered the wrath of Green at some point. He is renowned for telling-it-like-it-is, so that if a match is rubbish he is not afraid to say (and then talk about something else rather than commentate on the game!). Green’s style has led to a permanent falling out with fellow house mate Andy Gray as well as Alex Ferguson and the usually affable Joe Royle. However whilst he may upset his fellow pundits, he remains popular with public.

9) John Motson (BBC)

A throwback to yesteryear, Motty reminds us all (frequently) of the days when footballers were proper men and scorelines were more often 5-5 than 0-0. Like Stelling, he claims to be a master of stats, yet usually he succeeds only in irritating the viewer with trivial irrelevances. He is also a known stickler for pronunciation, however his trade mark sheepskin coats seem to have disappeared in recent years. Much like his chances of winning this particularly competition I would guess.

10) Garth Crooks (BBC)

Not to be confused with country singer Garth Brooks, touchline reporter and pundit Garth Crooks has the distinction of being the only pundit in the house to be regularly compared with Jeremy Paxman. This is owing to his rather pressing interview style that often results in him making statements rather than actually asking questions. He is also similarly irascible to the Newsnight presenter and is rumoured to have called Ray Stubbs gay* after a disagreement on Final Score. *may not actually be true

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  1. Hehe brilliant.

    Are you doing a show this Wednesday?

    07 Oct 2006, 09:47

  2. Yeah, there will be a show on Wednesday as the Croatia v England game kicks off at 18:00 for some reason.

    07 Oct 2006, 11:30

  3. I might be at the Wales v Cyprus game (K.O. 8pm) if you fancy some updates. Sadly no press-passes (we got one but I’m not given priority for sports tickets, as my specialism is Cardiff County Council!!!) so I won’t be able to report on the sandwiches.

    07 Oct 2006, 11:52

  4. There can be absolutely no competition. I didn’t bother reading most of them. My absolute favourite has to be King Jeff Stelling – the man is a legend. None of the BBC’s bunch come anywhere close; their coverage is generally of good quality but they just don’t have the charisma and personality that Stelling and his team have. Does anyone actually watch the BBCi coverage on a Saturday afternoon? Anybody with access to that will also have access to at least Sky Sports News showing Gilette Soccer Saturday and the two just don’t compare.

    ITV, on the other hand, might as well not bother with football coverage. Andy Townsend, Clive Tyldesley, Robbie Earle and Terry Venables have to be the most irritating, boring and wooden football presenters ever. Then you have Ally McCoist, for whom you need a translator to have any idea what he’s saying and usually some random footballer who doesn’t have a clue about being a pundit but could only see the big pound signs in his eyes. The only one who was ever in any way entertaining was Ron “I’ll tell you what, Clive” Atkinson but then he got himself booted in a moment of madness. Poor all round.

    07 Oct 2006, 12:02

  5. After todays show Garth and Andy are up for eviction. Get voting on who should go by posting below with a reason and tune in on Wednesday to find out the result

    07 Oct 2006, 21:24

  6. Sarah Cunnane

    At first, I was all up for Garth to leave, but then I thought about it a little. If Garth leaves, then who will ask the questions/nonquestions that the managers/Gareth Southgate will a) not understand and then b) give answering the question they don’t understand a bloody good go with c) a look of slight confusion because they’re not quite sure whether they’ve been asked a question or insulted for being rubbish. Not sure why I lettered them. Anyways, for this reason and also because I hate ITV for claiming half the England coverage during the World Cup and then doing a worse job of it than I thought was possible given that I watched nearly all of Boro’s UEFA Cup matches last season on 5 with the utterly useless John “I can rap, but I can’t talk convincingly to camera” Barnes, I vote for Andy. I realise this is a long, and essentially pointless reason, but I shall post it anyway!

    08 Oct 2006, 03:41

  7. It’s still a vote for Andy though, regardless of the long and essentially pointless reason!

    Here’s another vote for Andy as well, from me. Slightly shorter reason though – he’s just absolutely useless as a pundit. That’s all.

    08 Oct 2006, 09:24

  8. If the pundit shares the footballer’s fate of only being as good as his last game, then Motson should be saying his goodbyes already. With fifteen minutes to go yesterday, he achieved a level of redundancy that, even by his standards, can only be considered sublime:

    Just to remind everybody that this (the 0-0 scoreline) would mean two home points dropped for England…

    Cheers for that, John.

    08 Oct 2006, 11:10

  9. Steven Hoon

    Motson yesterday made lawrenson look half decent! that i never thought could happen!

    im sure we all remebr the townsend tactic truck…. what a knobber, but garth crooks is just as bad. i remebr micah richards saying the f word in a garth live BBC1 primetime post match interview. when stuart pearce was asked about it he said, “well garth does have that effect on people”

    so, i think there both crpe, i wouldnt let either any where near the rawspot studio, (unless we were going to basically rip the piss out of them), but i vote for garth, as he seems to get about more than townsend.

    08 Oct 2006, 12:59

  10. Elmo

    I have followed Liverpool FC i am from Cyprus but my mother is English my mother and me have now setled in Norwich as i have job in Anglian windows factory. I have long way to go to support my team i can get train but is very espensive i may get coach it is shame norwich not in same league as then i woold see Liverpool in Norwich if last year this could happen beccuse Norwich in premier league..Stevie Gerrard theres only one.

    08 Oct 2006, 20:45

  11. Timmo

    Its a tough 1 as both Andy and Garth are pretty inept…but seeing as Garth was once a Spurs player and doesn’t have Gabby Logan to sort him out on air, Ill vote for Garth to be evicted.

    09 Oct 2006, 12:36

  12. Dave

    It’s got to be Townsend because of his little bastard table. Think of the poor guy who has to lift it on and off the pitch at every game.

    09 Oct 2006, 20:57

  13. andy must go – itv rubbish, dull with no use

    10 Oct 2006, 01:34

  14. If only David Pleat were there so we could kick him out again

    Garth is a legend, what unsightful questions… Andy Gray should definately go.

    10 Oct 2006, 09:04

  15. Voting will close at 5pm so please make any last minute votes quickly. The result will be announced on the show tonight from 8.30pm.

    11 Oct 2006, 12:52

  16. Jamie


    27 Feb 2007, 20:08

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