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June 12, 2008

Warwick Student Cinema: Relocation?

Last week Hannah Smith reported on the problems Warwick Student Cinema are facing regarding new laboratories which are to be built underneath L3 on the Science Concourse, which is home to the screen of WSC. What we know already is that a relocation for the society will cost around £40,000, which is a staggering amount. Unfortunately, a representative from Warwick Student Cinema was unavailable for comment on this issue but the Students Union released the following statement today:

The Students’ Union is of course supporting Warwick Student Cinema with
the issue of new science labs underneath L3. The lines of communication
between the Students’ Union, the department and the wider University
administration are open and clear, and all parties are keen to work
towards a mutually beneficial solution. There is certainly not an
adversarial approach being taken by anyone involved.

At this stage it is impossible to know the outcome of the situation, and
the Students’ Union for its part is working hard to resolve the issue as
soon as possible. It is important to note that the fact discussions are
being had makes it clear there is a recognition throughout the
University of the importance of student-led extra curricular activity.

From there the issue appears to be being dealt with amicably and we will keep you updated on this story, what it means for the WSC. Hopefully we can get a response from the society for next week’s show. As always if you are a member of WSC or simply enjoy the films they show, do email in and let us know what you think on

January 27, 2006

Listen again…

You can listen again to last night's Insight here:

Download Insight

Listen to the rest of Best of the Blogs, and hear about the latest news on the Christian Union, Simon Hughes and Palestine.

And don't forget to tune into the Big Decision next Saturday at 5pm!

January 26, 2006

What's Best of the Blogs?

Every week, RaW News: Insight does 'Best of the Blogs'
It's our review of who's been the best commentator on the Blogs this week. You can hear the full details on tonight's programme (5pm on RaW 87.7FM), but here's what you've been saying about George Galloway this week:

Listen to Best of the Blogs, 26th January

January 12, 2006

RaW News Insight, Tonight at 5pm

On tonight's RaW News: Insight

  • We'll be reviewing the best place to live for next year
  • Coventry, Leamington or Kenilworth – which is best?
  • The views of experts and students
  • Everything the first year needs

Tune in from 5pm on 1251AM or listen online

And you can download previous shows from the website too!

January 10, 2006


This Thursday at 5pm on RaW, RaW News Insight will be giving you the lowdown on finding a house for next year. We'd like to hear from first years, who've got questions that we'll put to an expert. Leave them as a comment below.

But we'd also like to hear from second, third and fourth years.

  • What tips would you offer a Fresher looking for a house for the first time?
  • Where's the best place to live?
  • How many people should you live with?
  • What disasters should you look out for!?

Listen in on Thursday, and you could find your comments helping others to choose a house for next year.

Click here for the RaW News Website

November 17, 2005

RaW News – Do You REALLY Want To Ban Smoking?

Writing about web page link

Yes, it's almost that time of the week again and its another packed edition of RaW News Insight. Coming up tonightat 5…

The smoking ban saga continues – the original motion to ban smoking in the union has been altered over the weekend, to include cuts to society funding, opening hours and union events should the motion be passed. In other words, if you were up for banning smoking, you could be about to get a lot more than what you bargained for.

We'll have the full story on the programme, and we'll be talking to the people campaigning for and against the motion. Do you think it's right to alter the proposal into something that no-one will vote for? Send us your views during the programme – is the addres.

Chicago vs Leamington Spa – Good ol' Leam's become a hotbed of vice and violence – well that's if you believe the local paper this week. Violent crimes are on the up they say – we'll be talking to the West Midlands police to see how you can keep safe.

Leah Betts – 10 years on Believe it or not, today marks 10 years since Leah Betts died after taking Ecstacy on her 18th birthday. The antidrugs campaign has practically ground to a halt in recent years. We'll be finding out if the Leah Bett's story changed your views on drugs when you were kids.

And we'll be going to Thailand to see how the country is recovering from the Tsunami almost 1 year on, and taking a look behind the headlines at the violent insurgences in the southern provinces.

This, plus much much more today, live at five, only on RaW 1251am and online.

November 09, 2005

Thursday's RaW News: Insight

On Thursday's RaW News: Insight

  • The proposer of the controversial motion to ban smoking in the Students Union defends the idea, live in the studio.
  • Wetherspoons tells us that sales of drinks are likely to fall if smoking is banned.
  • In the week that the Chinese President visits the UK, the University's expert on Chinese Politics tells us whether the country poses an economic threat to the West.
  • Abortion – does a mother have a right to know?
  • And is there any good value to be had at Warwick PLC? We investigate the best and worst value meals to be had on campus.
  • Plus Best of the Blogs and a profile of France and its civil disorder.

Listen in, from 5pm, on RaW:
ON RaW 1251AM
ON RaW Online

And hear previous shows on the RaW News pages

October 05, 2005

RaW News: Tonight

On RaW News: Insight
Tonight at 5pm
1251AM –

  • Bus Versus Car – which will win in a race from Leamington to Uni?
  • Stagecoach explain the thought behind their pink buses:
"We were bored on that day, so thought 'hmm…pink'"
  • David Vandelinde speaks to RaW about Singapore
  • We assess Turkey's chances of EU membership
  • Best of the Blogs – could you be featured?
  • And the latest campus, national and international headlines

Tonight at 5pm. RaW News: Insight

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