November 23, 2006

Top Ten Worst Sounding Albums 1997–present

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*Some controversial choices…
any thoughts?*

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  1. Who let the nerds out? Bloody hell, anyone who needs Garage Band to criticise an album is probaby the sort of person who cries about the decline of vinyl and its “warm” sound. In fact, his consistent issue with “coldness” confuses me. Yes, you could say that of Kid A but to apply it to Silent Alarm seems to suggest he hasn’t actually listened to half of it, especially tracks like ‘Blue Light’ and ‘This Modern Love’ which are hardly cold.

    And he’s missed Keane’s first album which has a sheen on which makes every song sound the same unless you listen closely.

    23 Nov 2006, 10:33

  2. Silent Alarm makes me want to turn my head inside out and use it as a dustbin, it literally grates against the very fabric of my being. There are some bands I don’t give a chance just because they’re in the wrong genre I admit, but I actually dislike Bloc Party more than Rap.

    Also, the dynamic range comparison in Garage Band isn’t as stupid as it seems, there are far too many albums out there (even ones I enjoy) that lack any real dynamic range and usually use the maxed out range for the whole song which adds nasty distortion.

    23 Nov 2006, 13:39

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