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April 29, 2005

Heads Up

Just to let everyone know in advance that RaW has confirmed its plans for election night and we can present to you…


A four-hour extravaganza in Cholo, featuring live election results, party games and lots of General Election fun. Cholo's staying open especially late for a Thursday night so you can enjoy our coverage with a few drinks.

If you can't make it to Cholo, then the whole she-bang will be live on RaW 1251AM.

The fun begins at 9pm. Tune in or miss out!

April 28, 2005

The Big Decision…

Just in case you were too drunk to remember exactly what you said on the night of the Union Elections, The Big Decision is now available online so you can listen to it again.

All of the result announcements are on the show, so you can replay over and over again the moment when you won or lost.

Plus, also on the RaW News page is yesterday's 'Insight' programme where we spoke to Benny Spooner and interviewed the Lib Dem Lembit Opik.

Next week we'll be speaking to David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary and you can hear a clip of that interview online as well.

So go and check out the RaW News website at

April 27, 2005

John Cross and the Union

RaW News will have a special report on the John Cross affair tonight at 5pm. We'll be interviewing some of the people involved, trying to get a comment from Simon Lucas and we will be having an open discussion.

If you'd like to comment on the case, then please e-mail later today and we will include your comments in the show.

And don't forget to listen to RaW News: Insight at 5pm for all the latest on this story. If you miss it, the programme will be available to download tomorrow from link

April 25, 2005

Three things to do today

1) Go to the debate in the ACCR at 3pm – meet your local candidates for MP and grill them on the issues that matter most to you
2) Listen to the debate on RaW 1251AM – perhaps at the same time as 1) ?
3) Download the debate and listen to it again from 5.30pm tonight at link

April 23, 2005

RaW News: The Best In The World

We're a modest bunch at RaW News – if you can find a better provider of news, we'll give you your money back*.

Check out our sparkly new website for details of all our upcoming shows, interviews and listen again to our best bits.

All at

*not that you've given us any.

Listen Again…

Missed RaW's Election Coverage so far?

Well, you bad bad person. But you can redeem yourself by listening to RaW's News coverage online, any time. Follow the link below and check out this week's RaW News Insight, with coverage of the the General Election, the appointment of a new Pope and your thoughts on Exam timetables. Download it to your PC, Mac, or your MP3 player and listen to it on the go.

LISTEN AGAIN: RaW News Insight

April 21, 2005

'The Students Vote'

Coming soon to a radio near you...
RaW is busy planning for May 5th 2005 and we've got some exciting plans on the way. Our election coverage will begin at 10pm, with interviews, features, comedy, drama, entertainment, discussion, news, debate (and almost inevitably…Mr Steve Hoon).

We've got interviews lined up with major politicians (we're talking major politicians) and so if you've got a question you would like to ask someone from the main parties, then get in contact with us by commenting on the blog.

We'll have more details on our exciting election coverage soon, but keep listening to RaW News, every weekday at 5pm for the latest election news.

Also – a little request – if you've had any campaign literature delivered to your flat/house/halls then please tell us about it. Rumour has it there's a few porky pies being spread by some local parties in the form of leaflets – and we need to know if it's true! Add a comment or e-mail

April 15, 2005

Party Election Broadcasts (or PLEBS?)

How many of the election broadcasts have you seen so far? Have they been any good? Did you learn anything you didn't know already? Was Charles Kennedy's impression of a weatherman any good?

Answers on a comment thing.

April 07, 2005

Day 3: Voting

Hello again!

RaW wants to know what you think about the election campaigns, and today we've got not one, but TWO questions for you:

  • with voter apathy a growing problem, does it matter if people try and sell their vote on eBay?
  • and do you think postal voting is safe after fraud was found in Birmingham?

Add a comment and we might use your mind on RaW's big election coverage stuff.

April 06, 2005

Day 2

So the campaign is in near-full swing.

What have people made of the campaigning so far. Is it a case of the optimists versus the pessimists? How have the political leaders come across? How did they perform on today's Prime Minister's Questions?

What are going to be the big issues? Is the economy as strong as Labour insist? Why doesn't Europe seem to be a big issue this time round?

All comments to the blog will be compiled for use on RaW News over the next 4 weeks.

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