April 07, 2005

Day 3: Voting

Hello again!

RaW wants to know what you think about the election campaigns, and today we've got not one, but TWO questions for you:

  • with voter apathy a growing problem, does it matter if people try and sell their vote on eBay?
  • and do you think postal voting is safe after fraud was found in Birmingham?

Add a comment and we might use your mind on RaW's big election coverage stuff.

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  1. That person selling their vote on ebay must be quite a poor chap with no opinions on the world that he is willing to sacrifice his one vote. It is morally wrong because if everybody did it before long we good be under the control of the BNP party or another extreme, but at the end of the day I don't blame him. I mean with two parties that are so close together it just a case of which one jumps on the bandwagon first like school dinners, council tax etc. there doesn't seem to be any differences between the two parties which is causing voting apathy and there no real options in a general election any more.

    And as for the postal voting fraud thing, I was reading an article in the Birmingham Post (the extents to which I will go to avoid doing work) about it and it seemed to me that it was one big Labour fraud seeing as a couple of members were sacked over it and that should have got a lot more press attention than it did at the time. The bloke trying to stop the general election because of it which seems a bit extreme but providing he foots the legal bill who cares as there is no chance he will succeed. But they should scrap postal voting until it is more secure, i.e. you have to enclose a DNA sample or provide a fingerprint.

    07 Apr 2005, 17:46

  2. Mike

    .. .or an id card system???!

    13 Apr 2005, 15:53

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