April 22, 2009

Leader and Follower

After today's discussions in the class on definitions of leadership there were many questions in my head unanswered as my friends in the class gave tough arguments on whether the word FOLLOWER should be included in the definition of leadership.

After the arguments thoughts which revolve around in my mind are:

Is being a follower a bad thing? should the term follower be considered as a negative term? can or cannot a follower go against his leader? does being a follower means he cannot challenge the leader if he is wrong? does the follower has the right to say his thoughts? is the follower bound to follow his leader irrespective to what he thinks is right or wrong? is relationship between leader/follower is like of a master/servant or owner/slave? do followers have the freedom and independence to express themselves or are they compelled or forced into decisions? is follower just a human resource which can be used in what ever required?

In the blog entry main stress is laid on followers but the truth is leader and follower goes together without follower the leader cannot be defined. Followers choose their leaders.

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