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June 11, 2012

The Invisible learning

Suddenly you just cannot write anything. You just sit there without any words being typed or read. Instead you think a lot about what to write and how to write it. Is this something that feels similar for anyone else than me?

Don't know if it's the process which starts to be too routine based for me. Reading some journals and books and then answer some questions based on what you have read. That seems to be a perfect description of my day. The stuff I read is different so in that way every day is a new day, but it does not feel as being new.

Instead I feel that I don't learn any more. How this affect my work ´is for the future to show me, but it might not have been affected at all. It might be the feeling around not knowing that you have learned and how much you have developed since we started. I could in fact learn as much as I did in the beginning but know I am just used to that learning and therefore not recognize it as being learning any more but just daily routines. In fact my work quality might have improved without be noticing it. The opposite could also be the case where the quality of my work have dropped. So instead of taking actions towards a negative trend I make excuses for not knowing and seeing the trend as being negative. How is that continuous improvement?

It is kind of a weird feeling if you ask me. Not knowing or feeling that you learn. Not getting the "ahhh" or gestalt experience but instead just letting it be a part of a routine.

So what am I saying here. Sometimes I think learning is invisible and you thereby don't realize that you have just learned something. But at the same time I think this invisible learning can be used as an excuse for not learning at all. My own feeling about this is that I really can't determine if my progress is positive or negative at the moment. Which is also why I now see the tricky part of self assessment but also the importance about being able to self asses your own work.

December 15, 2011

Let them fail!!


Don't know if anyone has seen the movie "In time". It's a movie where money is the same as time. All people gets a certain amount of time which is used for paying drinks etc. but also shows the time left before you die. People do earn time by working, like we work for earning money to buy food.

Any way this is not a review of the movie just want to use a sentence from the movie. " For one to become immortal another one has to die" in other words if you want to get rich another one have to be poor. I really like this extreme description of the world. It describes some kind of balance in the world. Like we are all depending on each other. As I see it, this is the real world.

I can be a safe player and learn from other peoples mistakes or be a dare devil and learn from my own mistakes. In other words mistakes has to occur for something to become better. Why are we then trying to prevent things from happening?

If everyone in the world plays safe by securing no "bad" things will happen the world will not improve. Somebody has to do "bad" things for other to learn.

War is a bad thing, no doubt about that. Innocent people get injured or even worse killed by these wars. But wars also create good things like the internet which has made revolutionized the world.

Six Sigma and learn strives to improve processes by removing variation and waste. Looking at this from a business view this will create a higher profit aka more money. This is also done by learning from our mistakes- variation and waste.

EU has a economic crisis right now, where countries tries to prevent or minimizing the impact it has. Of course this is done for helping people not getting "hurt". How much do we learn from this?

I mean, it is time for a change. A change in economic thinking, structure , systems etc. How would this evolve if the "world" doesn't let us learn from our mistakes?

If we get saved all the time, we just continue doing the same mistake. People have be playing dare devils and now it's time for the learning process. Let them fail for other safe players to learn.

October 25, 2011

Are we just as the old Munk?

Hi All

So FACS, what is that for a module? I have been doing all the pre-work now so I should be ready for taking the test. Why do I then feel like I still need to know so much more before taking the test?

We only had two days for reading and understanding this pre-work material, which have placed me at the library from morning to evening. I almost feel like one of those Monks from the old days, who also had to sit in a quite zone for reading and gaining knowledge. I think they did this because they did not have any other options. All information was captured in written books which you need to read for getting the knowledge. Today we have so many other ways of gaining knowledge. Television, sound etc. is just some of the opportunities I could have chosen- I think? But no, instead I end up doing the exact same thing as the monk did. Why? Is it because we are limited by the written literature and most information is made like that?

I do learn from sitting at the library, but I think it goes really slowly (probably also because of my slow reading skills). Another way I learn is watching documentaries on the television and I think that is quick learning approach. Not only because it’s “not-reading” but because I think it gets stuck in my brain better than if I had read the same thing. Maybe it’s because I remember two things, pictures and information, instead of only information when reading.

Anyway, I do learn by reading but I think I would learn even more by using other types of Medias. Don’t know if I am the only one thinking this, because it seems like the library is used a lot ergo a lot like to read information. Or is it just people as me, who feel like they are old Monks?

October 23, 2011

PMA customer– Myself or the tutor?

Hi all

So we finished the first module at MBE and should therefore know what business excellence is all about. Also we should have learned this by having fun, as little Johnny at the playground. In other words, we learn without knowing it because we have fun. When Paul said this the first day, I was like “yeah like studying is the same fun as playing- too good to be true”. But now after we finished, I take those words back. I did learn without knowing it and also I thought most of it was fun. So let’s see, do I know what business excellence is and how to create it?

I think this question will be answered when doing my PMA.

One thing though, who is my customer when doing a PMA? If I want a high mark I have to make a PMA according to the marking system. I am the one getting the high mark which could be referred to as being money. The one paying is therefore the customer which is Paul. Is the course tutor then my customer?

Or is it me, because I am the one learning doing the process?

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