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July 15, 2012

What can I use this Blog for?

So we are done with MBE blogging now and have created many blogs during this year- some more than others.

I haven´t been blogging for quite a while now, mainly because I have been away but during that time I wundered what i could use all these blogs for in the future. Of course during the blogging and the year I have developed some skills but what about the written work?

The year is almost over now and that mean we have to find a work which means job applications. We have to sell our self to the market by writting a small letter. That letter should say so much about us which is almost impossilble to write short. If you write it too long they do not read it and too short will just create a poor picture of you. So how can you write an applications which is precisly enough?

What about using these blogs? Like adding a link to the blog on our applications. Then if they want, they could look at it and thereby get a better picture of who you are as a person.

What do you think? good or bad idea?

February 10, 2012

The power of blogging

A week have passed without any blogging from me and there is a reason. If I should have followed my time plan for my project I was suppose to start on my literature review. This was also how my week started but that ended Wednesday where I changed my project topic. I knew that this would set me back some weeks in my time plan but my motivation for doing the project was simply not there anymore.

I have always wanted to start up my own business but never dared to do it because of all kinds of excuses. The idea was not there, the world are in a crisis, I did not have the money for it or you can't start up a business on a rainy day etc. all excuses keeping me away for taken the final step. So what changed my mind.

My old project was leaning towards a future job in a organization and a special department. Doing all the blogging and different modules, specially leadership, I learned something new about myself. I could not see myself as a member of an organization having special task given from some others strategy and vision. How could the old project benefit this situation? it couldn't.

I therefore changed my project into a more entrepreneur ship orientated one. When I see myself in the future I would like to say I have accomplished something and my interpretation of that is creating a business.

So I guess what i'm trying to say, is that is just realized the power of blogging. It made me change my view on the future and where my view on where to be in the future.

October 11, 2011

Bloging what is that?

Hi everyone

This is my first blog ever, so just by wrigting this is a bit of a challenge for me. I could have chosen to make a private blog in the begining and then slowly getting used to practise bloging, but i made it public. When I first heard about this bloging thing, I thought it sounded as only being an extra workload for me while studieng. To be honest I would not have started bloging about my learning if it wasnt apart of my programe MBE. Know, when it is a part of my programme I also want to get something out of it, therefore i chose to do my first blog public.

Bloging for me is almost as reality stars is for real celebs. Its a place for those people who want attention, without actually having anything to say. I know there is alot of people who blogs because they might have an oppion about something or just a field of interest. For me this counts for real celebs, the reality starts are those who blogs about their daily life and actually just wants attention from the world. Am i wrong here?

I therefore think its important to distinguish between when to blog. If you just blog about your daily life without putting any questions up there or oppions, you will not become a celeb, but just stay as being a reality star.

This is my first blog and it might be graded as only being a reality star but my goal is to move up and become a real celeb;)

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