June 17, 2012

What did i gain from blogging

So my first blog was about being a reality star or a real star. I honestly did not see blogging as valid thing to do for your own learning. Instead I saw it as a place where people could to write things without really meaning it. Like writing that the world should become more eco friendly and then buy the non eco friendly products. In other words I was really skeptical for the whole blogging learning concept from the beginning. So have I gained anything from it?

In one way I still have the same opinion but not as general as it was before. Before I really focused on the output of blogs created. What do I get out of reading another ones blog or what do others get out of reading my blog? that was my questions towards blogging because I saw that as the learning element in the concept. We as a class should share knowledge between us through this blogging and thereby learn more. In that way I am not found of blogging.

Blogging is very individual. What angle do you have on the topic you are blogging about, why do you blog, what do you blog about etc. is all up to the individual to choose. This therefore creates a jungle of ideas, knowledge, creativity etc. But the negative side is also that it creates rumours, false truth etc. It has its positive and negative side like so many other things. For me some blogs was good others was bad in my mind. This made me filter some blogs away from the beginning. That means I have filtered away the potential of reading a great idea or some brilliant arguments. However I did save time doing it which was a win in my time management. Don't know if that was a good or bad trade off?

The thing I found good about blogging was the internal learning occurring during the blogging. I was a bit surprised how blogging changed my way of thinking and how it has helped me see things from different angles. In that way I really gained a lot from blogging. Its therefore not the blogging concept as a data base which was beneficial for me but more the process making a blog that was. Don't know if that was the whole meaning behind it.

Another really good experiences of blogging was the commenting element. Funny how such small things can have such a positive effect. Getting a comment just felt nice because it meant that someone else had an opinion about my topic.

Any way I think I will continue blogging maybe create my own blog somewhere on the internet. This has really helped me sometimes to clear my head which I think I will come in need of during my dissertation. This is therefore not my last blog, but only my last "forced" blog.

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  1. Pinthida Thanatipanont

    Haha that’s nice about the commenting bit! To me though, it was nice reading other people’s blog cause I felt I was learning things from a different angle or finding out news headline that I would otherwise never hear about.

    Blogging to me was surprisingly great in three different ways. 1). When I feel out of touch with Uni work, I read things that you guys blog to get me back on track, motivate myself, and be “in tune” with MBE thinking mode. 2). When I feel highly unbearably stress, I blog – just so that when i get over that stress, I can laugh at myself LOL! 3). It’s a really good underlying way to help me to become more reflective. I find myself these days thinking and reviewing things in the shower, during my grocery shopping, and arriving at a may be better solutions to problems that I faced.

    Also, I think blogging is my probably only university outlet to write informally – I have lately been facing ‘slowness’ when trying to write formally with references after references. So thank Paul there is a place where I can just write my ideas, and still feel good about it in terms of not only expressing my thoughts but also earning some contributions towards the module scores!

    17 Jun 2012, 18:27

  2. Rasmus Gejl Kristensen

    I too used blogging when I was stressed or had the well known write blockade. Thats also why I still think I will use it in the future. About having the informally environment aswell is for me also another positve aspect of blogging. It has actually also made me more confident when having written discussions.

    Again Pinn thank you for all your comments i really appriciate it :) its much better than a facebook like ;)

    17 Jun 2012, 19:24

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