June 05, 2012

Take the 30 challenge NOW!!

Every time you take a decision you are trading between something. In fact all decisions are trade off in my mind. If there doesn't exist a trade off you cannot call it a decision. No trade off means no decision is needed. Name one decision that is not a trade off please?

Even the decision around buying a ice cream or not is a tradeoff between wanting sugar and don't want to get fat. It could also be the money you have to buy the ice cream or the taste of the ice cream that creates the trade off.

The same for our literature review in our projects. You could go deep in all areas but you're not because it's a trade off with time.

Imagine how many trade off we are making during the day? and it happens without our notice. There must be some kind of filter doing that for us and I think it's our mental models. What if that mental model is adjusted in a way which makes us say no to a lot of fun stuff but we never know it because it just happens in the trade offs. That is what 30 challenge are for. It's for breaking this trade off pattern and make you see the world in a different way. In other words take a 30 day challenge NOW!!

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  1. Pinthida Thanatipanont

    Another? hehehe :) Do let me know how you go!

    06 Jun 2012, 17:25

  2. Rasmus Gejl Kristensen

    Actually the seccond challenge of mine ends in one week… it was about not eating bread which has been very hard… dunno about the next one I think is will be something without food bein involved… like get a story from at least one stranger pr day :)

    06 Jun 2012, 17:51

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