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May 28, 2012

Who is a fish judge by its ability to climb a tree?

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. It will live its whole life believing that it is stupid(Einstein). This made me think what is best experience or academic? probably some kind of balance. But in my mind the society believes different by saying academic is the way to go.

When we take an education we are being marked according to a scale. Some gets high marks others get low mark that is the nature of marking. That result in a believe that a high mark means you are smart and low mark stupid. I have been told that high marks create great opportunities for future jobs, which is why I always go for the high mark and get stressed because of it. Looking at the way we are being marked it has something to do with the ability to do a prober analysis and other criteria's. We can only analyze the written academic literature which is based on real life observation. So I am being judge on my ability to analyze written literature and being marked according to it. When I hopefully get a job I will have to analyze real situation with real living people involved in it. Really a different thing in my mind.

So my future job opportunities depends on my ability to analyze written literature, but my future carrier will depend on my ability to analyze real situation with real people. What does this mean?

Well in my mind it means that you might get high marks here and might get low "marks" in the "real" world. So what does a mark then say. Those who get low mark might in fact be better than those who get high marks when it comes to work. They might have been the fish judge to climb a tree.

You gain knowledge and loose pride…

You know the feeling when you suddenly realize that something inside you have changed. Something with your personality, level of knowledge, values etc. had changed without you noticing it. A typical situation for me would be a discussion around politic. Suddenly you agree with someone who you totally disagreed with before. Like jumping from right to left on the political scale. This change could because of new knowledge you got from talking to new people, taking education or just the fact being abroad away from everything.

Well at these situations I sometimes feel some pride in not letting go of old knowledge. Just like politicians when had made a statement years ago and now being put accountable for in the press. Sometimes it's because that same politicians suddenly changed that statement or promise. The press will not let it go that he or her changed his view and will make him look like a person you cannot trust. He or her therefore has to defend his view and argue for that both view are valid somehow- strange moments. But I can see myself in those situations.

You know you might be wrong but because of past incidents you will not change because you lose some pride. Like living by the statement " one time right, always right".

It could also be personally. Having a discussion around a topic where you definitely had the edge in level of knowledge against another person. Then month later you are having a similar discussion again but know the other person has the edge against you. Instead of letting go and actually just learn, you defend your points just to get the "old" edge back even though you know it's not true.

Knowledge should help you or be beneficial for you but sometimes it just helps to create a moment where you feel you lose something by using the knowledge.

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