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June 11, 2012

The Invisible learning

Suddenly you just cannot write anything. You just sit there without any words being typed or read. Instead you think a lot about what to write and how to write it. Is this something that feels similar for anyone else than me?

Don't know if it's the process which starts to be too routine based for me. Reading some journals and books and then answer some questions based on what you have read. That seems to be a perfect description of my day. The stuff I read is different so in that way every day is a new day, but it does not feel as being new.

Instead I feel that I don't learn any more. How this affect my work ´is for the future to show me, but it might not have been affected at all. It might be the feeling around not knowing that you have learned and how much you have developed since we started. I could in fact learn as much as I did in the beginning but know I am just used to that learning and therefore not recognize it as being learning any more but just daily routines. In fact my work quality might have improved without be noticing it. The opposite could also be the case where the quality of my work have dropped. So instead of taking actions towards a negative trend I make excuses for not knowing and seeing the trend as being negative. How is that continuous improvement?

It is kind of a weird feeling if you ask me. Not knowing or feeling that you learn. Not getting the "ahhh" or gestalt experience but instead just letting it be a part of a routine.

So what am I saying here. Sometimes I think learning is invisible and you thereby don't realize that you have just learned something. But at the same time I think this invisible learning can be used as an excuse for not learning at all. My own feeling about this is that I really can't determine if my progress is positive or negative at the moment. Which is also why I now see the tricky part of self assessment but also the importance about being able to self asses your own work.

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