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April 16, 2006

shouting about who was next in queue

Follow-up to metaphor for essay progress from Rashomon Imperative

like the smallest stones
indicating a landslide
so my first foray
of eight hundred brand new words
will be followed fast

i reckon the brains are right about here...

night of the living fred
our desire for brains
grows mathematically
and soon, inevitably
they will appear here

April 15, 2006

metaphor for essay progress

explanatory. representational
with time running out
the drama shall be captured
as we watch philosophers
lapping the lapin

brains please

stage one
haply at present
while we greatly desire brains
we are only just
scratching the golden surface:
efforts – redouble!

March 29, 2006

the greatest minds are capable of the greatest vices as well as of the greatest virtues

Follow-up to a cream cracker under the settee from Rashomon Imperative

i muscht be dreaming
"would you like to go
dancing cogitoe to toe?
many things i know
many more than that rousseau
that i'd like to show.."

beware this heart of gold. this heart is cold
"why, you're hardly shy
and would make a grand ally
but your heart does lie
in st germain de prés [sigh]
so no des, nice try"

March 28, 2006

still there's not a show on my back: holes or a friendly intervention


with a watchful eye
and too-frequent cries of "fie!"
this tiny sized guy
ensures assuredly my
font will not run dry

a kantian man
without a kantian mouse
unkantian span
between words, made kant to rouse
and tan his slow fan

March 26, 2006

a cream cracker under the settee

[she had passed through the dusk. and therefore the air was silent save for one soft hiss that fell. and therefore the tongues about him had ceased their babble. darkness was falling]

talk talk
i have returned to campus for a single week, and once again i lack a muse! as i sit lonesomely with my fingers resting on the keys, i wonder

"with whom am i to badinage?

who will listen receptive and attractive?

and who will provide divine inspiration?"

pages of notes lie flat and pale upon my desk, but i seek more liveliness, more fleshliness

something altogether more hilly and perilous

[a trembling joy, lambent as a faint light, played like a fairy host around him. but why? her passage through the darkening air or the verse with its black vowels and its opening sound, rich and lutelike?]

talk talk!!
a week you say? perhaps i will deign to help… for we are very similar you and i, musing with mutual gesticulation, shunning the direct glance of the cameric abyss

[...tick tock tock tick…]

try: "if i had been receptive, i would have heard a tick."

but such a conditional is quite vacuous if the only possible conception that he can have of his being receptive at that time is simply that of being able to hear what is there to be heard
only a spatial theory can satisfy the demand that the factor accounting for the presence or absence of a perception of perceptible phenomena should be at once a priori connected with the propositions about the world, and yet subject to significant empirical control…

[he walked away slowly towards the deeper shadows at the end of the colonnade, beating the stone softly with his stick to hide his revery from the students whom he had left: and allowed his mind to summon back to itself the age of Strawson and Evans and Harrison]

talk talk

ah what serendipity! "i'm here all week" quoth she

my bill has been well-fitted and filled, fleshly and skilled!

and my desk! dangerous and diverting as any wood can be

and with that i shall wend my merry way to sleep, to wake up musingly tomorrow

aren't the fates sometimes kind?

my psychic told me she had an ass like rodin: gauguin, joanne d'arc

[exit music (for a blog)]:

"so if you got a trumpet, get on your feet, brother, and blow it.
if you've got a field, that don't yield, well get up and hoe it.
i look at you and you look at me and deep in our hearts know it.
that you weren't much of a muse, but then I weren't much of a poet."]

March 11, 2006

all my points are grammatical

Follow-up to Day Diagram from Rashomon Imperative

1.the stars are so big, i am so small.. do i stand a chance?
"it overtakes me"
fired forth from the flaming lips
"it master-slaves me!"


careful oliver:
careful with those axes please

the computer room
with its fight club aesthetic:
my new hermit home

February 18, 2006

the haiku are still haiku

housemate task. lakeside lacks no size
one two three four five:
friends a homely home contrive
floorbound four shall thrive

burn baby burn. blended unblended
late burns night whiskey
poems read on shaky legs
-shakier accents

Pining Conely

thematic. still dramatic
what new phantasm
lies prettily thither and
adorns my bureau?

nuts. pines
sonic imaging
further fruitful sinthesis
-rightly jump with glee

January 31, 2006

"don't be a coconut"

mango coconut
first meeting one another
quite intimately
generate acorns
add: 'padding' 'fadding' 'madding'
husk unhusked at dusk

Ache On

nouveau sinthesis
one upon one until done
knitting snug-fitting

last night, she said

Follow-up to haiku my father's son from Rashomon Imperative

1. abstract musing? particular amusing
get sinvolved with that
-an absolute conception?
yes please! (general muse)


2. siren wailing. points of view
"get real – get yourself
a view from nowhere" quoth she
so seductively

3. demonstratively nietzschean. i'll teach 'er
"get thee hence" outraged
"perspectival man i am
and ever shall be"

4. mytholo-g. reflection on my reflections
i can't hear echoes
rejecting science's charms
flowers at my feet

January 26, 2006

your voice so husky

Follow-up to tapped as from Rashomon Imperative

flesh emeshed. how much higher?
the husk gamely grins
baffled lopsided pleasure
of dessication


the fire of joan of arc. fruit unbidden
swollen appetite
did you come too cruel, too bright
-was it right to bite?

white godiva she unpeels. white scoops of flesh
with a clip-clop sound
freshly fleshly freedom found
while satyrs abound

outrage of nymph and satyr. symposium
chasing nymphs around
saw myself in milkness drowned
-now coconut crowned

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