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December 29, 2005

Education is F.U.N.

Writing about web page

Firstly. A warning to the curious. Never take haiku too seriously. Never write as many words about it as the Unless you always write that much.

banging on for hours
when haiku takes as long as
counting your fingers

And now to the point of my lovely, silky, orwellianly sparse blog.

as is traditional, i tell you i am returning
and so to warwick
with christmas scents trailing me
and bags of new things

kigo (the season-indicating word in the haiku. for many haikus are written upon the the subject of the changing of the seasons. i.e. cherry blossoms fall, frost melts. the word does not always denote easy cliches)

Let us play: deduce (as opposed to spot, for that is old battered hat) the kigo. Just like a cryptic crossword. But with a haiku. Spy-ku? Sly-ku?:

the earth gets older:
tightening sinews in the
egg-offspring twilight

i wander outside
the sister of the slayer
fearing no evil

To Avenge

Always keep your bowler on in time of stress, and watch out for diabolical masterminds.

new years resolution
sweatless victory
with style conquering substance
and drinks at the end

"lean on me, Mistress Peel, as much as you like."

December 28, 2005

I leave you alone for five minutes, and you're

tipple topple table
right full of ginger
rarefied, distilled, bottled
in its green wine form

Well..."Dick"... how is school?

Guess the pub

hungover reading:
whisky breath and toast
poe poe poe poe poe poe poe
on cold red floor tiles

December 27, 2005

Pretty Princes

Thereís never been such grave a matter as comparing our new brand name black sunglasses

the sales are over
i clutch kapranos' sweater
and rock star trousers

Lucid: I am becoming one of the people who can do the cryptic crossword / with the sex, and the drugs, and the rock and rock and roll hey!


Writing about web page

a subjective or purely personal element can be isolated

all this white powder
takes me beyond these shores i
was in canada

carrot carrot carrot stick: Engineering, Encouragement, Education and Enforcement


Stage One
i'm like omg
so at the sales 2moro
elbowing bargains

Stage Two
yes immanuel
i've been away for a while
but i'm all yours now

i'm so deep that i'm, like, not even shallow lol

December 26, 2005

Love and Theft

Writing about web page

blink and you've missed it
christmas has passed on to me
thief extrordinaire:

The Grinch who stole christmas

That dude who wears his hat with a rakish tilt.

you can't see the tilter's swag
bag so easily

Yeats Beats

When clothed by friendly hands in white and red
Departing softly left his town's stewed bars

And paced upon the mountains overhead
And hid his face amid a crowd of stars

December 24, 2005

Under/Over Produced

War of the Abilities
Artilleryman: Look! There they are! What did I tell you!
Martians: Ulla! Ulla! Ulla! Ulla! Ulla! Ulla!

the martians do not cry 'ferrell', and neither does this earthling.

allow me to be frank:

Yes Please

No Thankyou

never was there a performance more like billy corgan's solo album

please do not talk, will
-that makes me a sad panda
neither make movies

December 23, 2005


Follow-up to Opinion = General: Particular: Moral from Rashomon Imperative

Wait for the 'Punchline'
I'm feeling festive
so with a killer link grant
merry christmas thoughts

Immanuel Skantily–Clad?


Being pleased with oneself protects even against the cold. Has a woman who knew herself to be well dressed ever caught a cold? I am assuming that she was barely dressed.

My Sickness of Inconvenience
O christmas dinner
will i taste your roast flavour
or just olbas oil?

Dav-o's black tongue: Some say that the haiku is too short to be poetical. I have found my riposte:

"Kantís person is described as formed by nature with the impress of weakness upon it. Scarcely five feet high, with a sunken-in chest, and generally delicate frame, he had every appearance, when a young man, of being destined for a premature grave. In the opinion of many, it was only his punctilious attention to the laws of health and the regularity of his habits that preserved his life."

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