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June 29, 2006

let the sky rain potato chips…

it shakes and quakes me, it master–slaves me


…let it thunder to the tune of green–sleeves, hail kissing–comfits and snow eringoes, let there come a tempest of provocation

kissing comfits: did you ever try dunking a potato chip in champagne? it's real crazy!

June 21, 2006


i have been frozen and moulded in statuesque cat form these past few days.


now i shall step down from my papyrus pedestal and resume sleeping near fires. seven thousand words constitue a fragile and undesirable pedestal – hastily baked, i shall bake myself fully on flagstones.

what fine chisel could ever yet cut breath?

spaced. rocky.

rocks on the moon

sleep is a luxury i can't afford
the man in the moon is my bed and board

June 20, 2006

an hokusai butterfly

emerging from the cocoon, i am a hokusai butterfly. i have sufficient leafs for wings, and now all that remains is to etch them. soon i will be able to bask them on a bigger leaf than me, but for now, i flutter…

hokusai butterfly

when i said i needed coffee, i forgot that i also needed jason peirce's band. and now to rest my infra–red eyes. what effect will i have? tomorrow i forecast hurricanes and rain.

June 19, 2006

i, this particular i, shall drink this, this particular coffee

the task is epic, the figure lies sleepy. unlike the depicted, who sleeps the sleep of the just, or of the exhaustedly adapted corrupt. to remedy my bleached eyes and tingling head, a cafetiere. oh me! how large is my canvas, when i have seven thousand words to play with?


i shall sit and think fondly of sleep while i write. acutely aware of absence, but i shall not absent myself. the task at hand is in hand, in good hands. perhaps we shall convene again when i have dreamed.

June 18, 2006

a scavenger scavenges with impunity

Follow-up to wilderness, wilde, wildman from Rashomon Imperative

and from the pub to afternoon tea, where scones are left unguarded and unbuttered..

no scone is safe

when the sandwiches are tiny, my criminality reaches inverse proportions. lock up your saucers.

now however, i must transform into an essay butterfly. with papery wings i shall paperily wing it. there are three days and seven thousand words and one man. do not be dismayed when i say peril lurks submarine..

wilderness, wilde, wildman

now i'm back in the CM1, civilisedness has become undone

while it may appear that from my appearance i am feral, no wilde, a wilderness dresser – a wildman? – last night in the pub i was the very oscar of cheekiness. we bantered and frolicked, conscious unconscious, i cheated the bar out of a round of drinks, just like my ancestors would have done.

one to the front
and one to the side

i have said it before on this blog – the only time i'm drink–and–drug–free is when i get my drink and drugs for free – and now i am finally getting to live according to mantra. while nabokov joined me in the pub, as a villain, he was in my pocket, and less terrible than the dark and smoky truth.

farewell, i journey back from essex, the wilderness, a wilde, a wildman.

June 01, 2006

a series of onefortunate events

wolf parade are the
band that at the moment i
would like to be in
i practice singing
along sky high and wildly
with a collapsed spine
in this armless chair
i observe my shoulders juggle
an ache back and forth
the laurel bed is
not quite plump enough as yet
for all this resting


bath bathing again
there are only so many
times it can be done
jerry in my eye
i sit relentlessly, the
cosmo's in my limbs
now i shall mount a
motivational treat: a
varsity springboard

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