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April 29, 2006



i'm so allergic
even to this nice apple
curse my hayfever

April 26, 2006

some borrowed triumph

negative. jose mari's beautiful smile
lurking cunningly
in search of soft penalties
softer than seaweed
gently shed by submarines
that dive seabed wise

that, mr anderson, is the look of inevitability

arsenal. jens lehman's beautiful voice
after the hi-fives
i can still assert cooly
that it is no use
– parts fall inevitably
that's what fate looks like

April 19, 2006

these days


having stopped i'll now
dream more content than nico
not too much talking

April 18, 2006

type cast

no! it will melt your face!

fingers like spiders
jittery i tip type like
mick ronson would type


hold tighter to the stand

terse verse curt is
thinking up and down
i feel like joy division
sitting very fast

April 16, 2006

shouting about who was next in queue

Follow-up to metaphor for essay progress from Rashomon Imperative

like the smallest stones
indicating a landslide
so my first foray
of eight hundred brand new words
will be followed fast

i reckon the brains are right about here...

night of the living fred
our desire for brains
grows mathematically
and soon, inevitably
they will appear here

April 15, 2006

metaphor for essay progress

explanatory. representational
with time running out
the drama shall be captured
as we watch philosophers
lapping the lapin

brains please

stage one
haply at present
while we greatly desire brains
we are only just
scratching the golden surface:
efforts – redouble!

denigrate obtuse and active verbs pronouns

i take a sneaky glance into my "futuroscope". we seeng theez chaunt
this summer we'll jaunt
over sea: for not france nor
barcelona daunt
our fearless strutting gallore
which we can't but flaunt

the french and the catalan. fratalan/crench

barcapartament. cathedral
sun illumes absence
no phone in our apartment
the star of the sea
graceful from a different age
tangibly distal

windmilling. spilling
aquarium air
sits placidly weightless
as we run carefree
windmilling through leafs
in rustling bow waves

April 11, 2006

the hours we are separate is just precious time we've wasted

Essay, this week i'll kick you in the head (and then go back to bed)

into the abyss
jump borrowed from jackie chan
nothing is amiss
(i have a greater legspan
and deadlier kiss)

off the fence

a weighty descent
with my toe seeking the crux
where the most content
can be kicked to its debut
with the least torment

April 10, 2006

in the same place you soared i keep resurrecting

ode to the shower. cat under a hot tin roof
writhing round slowly
with uncertain contortions
twisting underneath
the adventurously hot
relentless nozzle

now clean, i can blog
some enthusiasm
for birthday celebrations
was demonstrated

though my hot muse disappeared
we will meet again

my mug

now blogged, i can drink
some self-consciousness
served with a slice of lemon
reading the paper
although secretly musing
while cupping as shown

my mug, the mug, his mug?

now drinking, i cease thinking. (i can feel the soil falling!)
paper distractions
avert my eye: likewise my "i"
quickly disappears
vapourized by hot water
waltzing with my muse

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