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February 25, 2006

i've found my…

1. Action
some dark loiterer
unbridled my bicycle
stealing steathily

2. Motivation
desiring finance?
wildly clapped transportation?
perhaps lame in nights?

3. Consequence
not quite fifteen lines
object of this text

The Motions of Cycling

if still on the buzz
beware raids, for there are leads
leading to your door

February 22, 2006

broth cheffed

click shuffle whirling
until midnight and then more
type casters whirl sheafs
conscious of cortex
vertices are vibrating
jumping unjumping
beers are flushed from veins
absorbing lethargy a
kidney stimulant
density again
five sins times five all the while
ceaslessness repeats
talk upon walk unbalking
continues undumb
vowel symbols bounce and abound
around and around
they don't take that long
and understandably so
gather your pronouns
vortexes unsexed
spins begin now instantly
for application
a large block built up
words upon words, camouflaged
l'absence some unread

February 20, 2006

a text concerning injustice

Follow-up to shao khan, shao khan, we're gonna show them how to get down from Rashomon Imperative

text extract: "...the 'foul' that led to chelsea's goal only happened in gallagher's head..."


privacy of the mental. mental publicity
despair – swear and howl:
"fair is foul and foul is fair?"
cowelled – jowls turn to prayer

oldest settlement. dented and dashed
not victorious
but neither laborious:

February 19, 2006

shao khan, shao khan, we're gonna show them how to get down

enthusiasm. pointing and shouting and pent up
reflecting on roots
with those grass-rolling disputes
in muddied new boots

minnow man. in the shadow of a giant wingspan
to see U's abused?
with "ref gave us fuck all" views?
opposed to blue hues

shao khan?

go lie athwart our great day. videos set to record
oh so glorious
when ground and laborious
and victorious

virtues three

roll up roll up. the actual voice of omniscient narration
yes yes. it is burns night again, and burns means poems. it is, of course, very very late. but that is no reason to criticise it outrageously.

you larky people
this made its debut at a party in earlsdon, complete with gestures, accents, and an immense pause to look deeply and labrador-eyed into my whisky glass in the fourth verse.

yon comparison o' fightin, lasses, and whisky

i’ll muse to ye ‘pon virtues three
on fightin, lasses, and whisky
but which is best? – will we agree?
or will we dispute violently?

now fightin, there’s a noble chore
to wade, fists flailing, into war
sometimes I think I love nought more
though headbutts make the noggin sore

ah lasses, they are fine as well
and I would fain wax lyricell
though musing on some lovely belle
could take me an infinite spell

but whisky, tis a joysome drink
and best of all it helps me think
of beasties elephantly pink
before my eyelids slowly sink

to which of these should we say “aye!”
those fights are in such short supply
while lasses drain the wallet dry
and whisky fumes pass by and by

so hard to tell which one is best
though it may seem I speak in jest
may I so humbly now suggest
we strive to test and test and test

Jazz Bar

scottish hip hop. do you wanna do a jazz breakfast

February 18, 2006

the haiku are still haiku

housemate task. lakeside lacks no size
one two three four five:
friends a homely home contrive
floorbound four shall thrive

burn baby burn. blended unblended
late burns night whiskey
poems read on shaky legs
-shakier accents

Pining Conely

thematic. still dramatic
what new phantasm
lies prettily thither and
adorns my bureau?

nuts. pines
sonic imaging
further fruitful sinthesis
-rightly jump with glee

February 16, 2006

some churlish rustic (2006)

when "hi! -hi!" i cooed
not wishing to seem a prude
i chewed my lip bruised

sticks clatter to splash
peach buzzes dashingly dash
while my suit is flash


wine bought glass by glass
red poses sternly amass
hems of stemly class

red nosed i dozed: either laugh with me, or at me, or in short, do any thing, - only keep your temper

February 10, 2006

hello to the haikus

thirty years. thesis
uncanny matching:
soundtrack of the sixties meet
film of the thirties

which witch. witch "which"
us and them and that
who knows which is witch is which
and which witch is who


i'm not frightened. painted yellow
the lunatic is:
on the grass – no! on the path
no! flat on the tiles

sin. path
lacking synthesis
stoned in emerald houses
implausible sin

tinman. stone/stoned
unmoved, with my heart
maybe of stone, or of tin
not sounds and visions

February 03, 2006

robed and strobed

call... and... reponse!
say: "what would you do
if it all came up to you?"
– play and jump madly

expression. it's the seasons that keep me hanging on and on and on...
a flirtaceous flute
dancing spectrum inspection
red sounding trumpets

it's the feelgood time of day. jump split crash
one two clang boom steam
whirling bodies, let go robes
hey! hey! it's the sun!


time to watch a show. more volume than expected
in declarative
and exclamatory tones
now don't stop shaking

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