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January 31, 2006

"don't be a coconut"

mango coconut
first meeting one another
quite intimately
generate acorns
add: 'padding' 'fadding' 'madding'
husk unhusked at dusk

Ache On

nouveau sinthesis
one upon one until done
knitting snug-fitting

last night, she said

Follow-up to haiku my father's son from Rashomon Imperative

1. abstract musing? particular amusing
get sinvolved with that
-an absolute conception?
yes please! (general muse)


2. siren wailing. points of view
"get real – get yourself
a view from nowhere" quoth she
so seductively

3. demonstratively nietzschean. i'll teach 'er
"get thee hence" outraged
"perspectival man i am
and ever shall be"

4. mytholo-g. reflection on my reflections
i can't hear echoes
rejecting science's charms
flowers at my feet

haiku my father's son

1. a different genus. peel slowly, see?
while top banana
exhausts its preset tracklist,
-philosophers group

2. pov. fraternising
adrian moore talk
when at two in the morning
-philosophers geek

3. exhaustion. pass the baton to rock and roll
no theses tonight
instead, planning ahead, i
construct proposals

Wolf Parade!

a proper band. poeticise and shriek for sincerity
and I could give you my apologies
by handing over my neologies
give me
your eyes
i need
your blood
your bones
your voice
and your

4. wolfing it down. more word-noise. neo-logo-sentential?
not soft-parading
sound-pumice vulcanising
lupinely hearing

January 26, 2006

your voice so husky

Follow-up to tapped as from Rashomon Imperative

flesh emeshed. how much higher?
the husk gamely grins
baffled lopsided pleasure
of dessication


the fire of joan of arc. fruit unbidden
swollen appetite
did you come too cruel, too bright
-was it right to bite?

white godiva she unpeels. white scoops of flesh
with a clip-clop sound
freshly fleshly freedom found
while satyrs abound

outrage of nymph and satyr. symposium
chasing nymphs around
saw myself in milkness drowned
-now coconut crowned

January 24, 2006

tapped as

recipe.eye of meme-scene?
torn library slip
impervious coconut
and typical things


bland linear mouth. dead blank eyes
i have sucked your juice
but i must get neath your skin
how can i move you?

don't you love her face? impenetrability
lifelessly replies:
"to write is certainly not
to impose a form"

would they drop-out? or a mere fear of dentistry?
peach i have eaten
bruiséd gently from the bough
but here teeth shatter

enough, no more, 'tis not so sweet as it was before

January 22, 2006

phenomenal ontology

musing: but lacking a muse!
so how to proceed?
shift some paradigms
-or so i was told last year
and i shift thusly:

I like philosophy AND girls.

there's my first thesis
-under the counter thesis
now for sin-thesis?

write it down, but don't send the letter

running! commentary. transcendent escape!
danced up to the close
returning freezingly for
fleshly homily
skittishness in fits
engenders deeply thinking
that "there is breathing"


naked with whiskey
imagine machinations
ghost closer lover
unhooking clothes we
discard them theatrically
quite far from the tree
the pleased poet lies
staring guided by bedclothes
finding better words

January 21, 2006

i bet haiku looks good on the dancefloor

dancefloor beats '84 rapport. usually i don't do this, but
"post-modern post-punk
feat: junk-meter in your trunk"
-concept-less blind drunk

Superman! Williams get on up
cogitoe to toe
think: "i dance therefore i jam"?
no! – there is dancing


fecund summarising. project of sure! enquiry
like a stoney rose
to be wrote in rosy tones
-sanguine spectacles?

hai you

freudian trip - slip! slip. Viennese
tripping over words
conscious of the 'unconscious'
stream-meaning gleaning

lucky at cards. Contra etcetera. Unlucky at games of drink
one dirty pint more
than my card-luck would have it
-stones and corpses win

number 8. times times times
moonlighting dancer
skip jaunt jump entrance over
over and again

Words of Wisdom
i miss your soup, and i miss your head, and a letter in your writing doesn’t mean you’re not dead

January 19, 2006

what would i do, what would i do, if i could not hai–ku?

Writing about web page

a blog of idols
one would fain alter ida
one deals with ideals

kid a.generation
a mythology
frozen pointing fingers snap
accusing rhythms


so many pages
with many words upon them
-lucky universe


now go to sleep with bluebirds twittering tunelessly in your head.

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