January 26, 2006

your voice so husky

Follow-up to tapped as from Rashomon Imperative

flesh emeshed. how much higher?
the husk gamely grins
baffled lopsided pleasure
of dessication


the fire of joan of arc. fruit unbidden
swollen appetite
did you come too cruel, too bright
-was it right to bite?

white godiva she unpeels. white scoops of flesh
with a clip-clop sound
freshly fleshly freedom found
while satyrs abound

outrage of nymph and satyr. symposium
chasing nymphs around
saw myself in milkness drowned
-now coconut crowned

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  1. g

    yes yes!! i see the record peeking out from under that coco-face
    mr mojo risin
    L'america l'america

    27 Jan 2006, 18:15

  2. Adrienne Cooper

    Sham still-life! Pretends
    He's cool as a coconut
    (but pictures posed for.)

    27 Jan 2006, 19:37

  3. why, posed is not fauxed
    arrangement sans derangement
    coconuts are cool

    28 Jan 2006, 01:55

  4. rob

    coconuts lead to
    fairly bland disappointment
    not rich enough, no

    28 Jan 2006, 02:12

  5. george i must confess
    i took a second doors-glance
    and love it madly

    (especially the soft parade. what a voice)

    30 Jan 2006, 11:01

  6. g-man

    yass LA Woman
    Philosophy of Law, Yawn
    What a Massive Bore

    30 Jan 2006, 13:18

  7. rob

    What is the difference
    Between Political / Law?
    Surely all justice?

    30 Jan 2006, 15:42

  8. political is
    article twenty-seven
    justice? fuck the police

    31 Jan 2006, 02:53

  9. N.W.A.:
    "Fuck da po-lice! Yo, fuck 'em!"
    Got Dre's doctorate.

    (Might it not also work on your proposal?)

    31 Jan 2006, 12:50

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