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August 18, 2006

i wanna get round like tokyo

tomorrow, in the city of radio, i head to V..


it reminds me of the last time i went to see radiohead, in manchester. i was picked up by my fellow 'radio–heads' on campus a few hours after we had agreed because of a wrong turning. we drove through birmingham in the rushhour, listening to jimi hendrix, nervously straining against our seatbelts.

we parked in a mysterious wasteland area around the back of some buildings to avoid paying for parking, and ran up to the entrance of the apollo, considerably late. i accosted the security feller, "excuse me, where do we pick our tickets from?". he responded, "all the way over on the other side of town mate." our faces fell, we panicked and tried to work out which way to run. and now? the punchline – "or you could just go into the ticket office, mate" quipped the security man. we could hear 'there there' beginning, and so there was no time for me to question this man about his motives.

i can only assume that he hated radiohead, and 'radio–heads', very much indeed. though the whole experience was very fitting as a preview of their criticisms of alienated subjects and idle destruction. thus:


first, however, i must choose which hat to wear… perhaps george will lend me his? until tomorrow…

as radiohead would say, deciduously:

what would i do? what
if i did not have you?
open up and let me in. lets go down the waterfall
think about the the good things
and never look back and never look back and never look back


the waves go out come in again

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