May 06, 2012


while working on presentation and pma i have always realised that the place where you start from is mostly not the right track where we have to go, sometime i get annoyed and just want to complete this stuff and submit it. i mean to say the way i started my work with so much passion and dedication will end up with poor efforts which somtime destroys your whole efforts from where you have started. but in this case KBAM presentations there was no passion and dedication due to not known anything prevously, then we started with introduction reading contents of the presentation,a day before presentation we all were working for more than 10 hours, things were ok at that time i mean we dont know what have done. and in the morning as well we all come up with different aspects. after getting appreciated from paul we all think its time for celebration.

my point here is hardworking would nt be wasted at anycost. as i said we were not sure till presenating but we were already on the right track. for a person like me i give up very early. this is agian a lesson from me for the future


Finally we have completed with our respective presentation. How can I justify this with our project. Is this a 100 hour module no ofcourse not and even the PMA is not even a 40 hourwork . i am still struggling in spending 40 hours in a pma, i mean i spent more than 40 hours in a pma. The only thing this MS MBE is teaching me is a TIME mangement factor. We all are almost at the end of our modules, i dont know about other people, but i still need to make my self a human being which is punctual, hardworking and smart. this master degree is honestly teaching me things that how i have to be in my practical career. there was something written like this on the front page of mbe that dont choose this course if you are doing this for an msc certificate. uptill now i dont wheather i will get my msc degree or not but i can proudly say that i am a person who has a different mental approach since i am here. secondly its not about the blog that i have learnt something and have to summarise it here. my father always say this to me Son tell me what you have done today. reflect on anything that you learnt in your life today. at that time i dont have any answer to that ,but today i have a different approach toward life and work, these hours business 900 hours is a way to not only achieve my wish which is an MSC from UK but to be a different person. and this thinking differs me where i come from. I am unique to those people at my back home who spend their whole day doing nothing.


I dont know what to say because my learning is complety shattered during this module, i would just like to share my experiences what i have learnt in module. Paul highlighted some fact which we have improved from the past specially the presentation slides they way of presenting the way we all dressed. i was really nervous in giving the presentation from the begining, i am still nervous while i was talking to the audience. but i can say that i have improved a lot and have lot more to work on. specially paul's modules are quite different from each of them, in cbe we were talking differently, leadership we all were learning but in a different style and now in KM, firstly i dont like the concept of not having any lectures seminars. but the thing which i think we all are hiding from our self. we all are not accepting the new criteria of learning.this is going to happen in a real life. I was working in a construction company before MBE, and suddenly the person who has to give a conference call to UK project management company was ill and then i have to prepare the agenda for the meeting and the current progress, i managed some how, this has been recall on friday after KM presentation.

In a real life we dont have a chance of making mistakes, i am having trouble in explaining my though like for example. Windows has been created once but the next thing is to polish and make it more convienent or enchancement. after MBE i will consider my self as a product in the market to sell in different companies, after couple of years my experice will help in making my more accurate.

April 17, 2012


10. Making use of all available information

9. Getting decision buy-in and accountability8. Developing a robust, discriminating set of criteria7. Using success prone practices

6. Spending time and money on the right activities

5. Understanding what is important and to whom

4. Managing performance targets and trade-offs

3. Not committing to the first idea

2. Managing uncertainty

1. Developing a robust decision

March 19, 2012


Democratic leadership is the most profit bearing style of leadership i believe as people will be fond of a democratic leader as its emphasis is on people mainly.


  • Transformational leadership teaches us to lead with creativity and change which is quite helpful for all of us as this world is based on innovation and change, customer satisfaction is achieved through creativity and innovation.


The most important fact i learnt while doing this assignment is that leadership with the right and specifickind of strategy is always effective.

I believe that strategy 1 is the best of all because if we manage to capture our competitor's customers then we can be real winners as making people switch brands is the most difficult target to achieve.

It is really important to make good reputation in the market as one cannot afford to dishearten the people who you've pulled out and convinced that we are the best!

February 17, 2012


My first exercise as a leader was to create a cup tower wheather is creative or its a long one. my group members told me couples of area for improvement tips, i wasnt directing my group in the begining every thing was on my shoulders first to explain and then to implement aww so many words and so many things for me man, i havent lead or havent done anything like this throught out my whole academic life. my first experince and this week to me is just unforgottable week of my life that is why i am putting all these things here so that after warwick i can recall these days and learning point.


Now i am going to talk about being number 1 and being the lowest in our class. as i have faced both situation, i am cleared now that leadership qualtities doesnt relate to number and grade, all i can say is leadership is nothing without its followers.


This blog is related to BLAck Welsh(GE), he said cutting 10% of lower level of the employee percentage. Sometime i feel like i should agree with this but when i looked it from employees point of view i feel this is completly disgusting. Let me explain more about it. when paul give the example of how to become an effective leader i.e one can put more than 70% of his effort by an effective leader.





Its the leader who will be able to make oneself for more than 70 %. I think Black Welsh was trying to do the same thing.

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