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December 16, 2010

Call for Book Donations for raise money for Anthology of Student Writing, MA in Writing, Warwick Uni

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The Ma in Writing students are producing an Anthology of their writing.  In order to do so, we need to raise enough money to cover all costs incurred.  If we don't raise enough, we can't ahead.  Simple as that.  So we need lots of fundraising ideas and activities.

One idea is to contact writers and publishers and see if they would be able to donate any books - especially signed ones - to help us raise some money. 

These are some examples of how the books may be used to raise money:

1) help sell pre-order vouchers - at each event where vouchers are sold, a book will be offered as a prize in a prize draw

2) if possible, and if we manage to get some big names involved, we may be able to auction books

3) books may be offered as raffle prizes

4) any excess books may be sold at launch or other fundraising events

Are there any writers and publishing houses out there willing to donate some books to us?  Please help us if you can! 

We will try to credit everyone who's made donations even if it's a general 'thank you' rather than a specific mention (which we'll do if there's enough space!). 

Many thanks to the generosity of those who have donated already.

November 03, 2010

Mid Term already

Well, already it's week 5 of term.  Half way through the first term of three and I've barely been able to do any writing.  With any luck the hardest bits of home life are over now and I can get on with finding some creativity again.

It was the last lecture for Research Methods today.  I went in early as usual, keen to try and make headway with the assignments for the module, and to meet with Ted, my fellow student, to discuss elements of the novel I'm working on.  It's been a productive day: I managed to complete the research databases elements of my assignment and have decided that I'll review Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie for the Book Review assignment which is designed to test our ability to work with the MHRA referencing system.

Okay, enough of the assignments!  It's great getting to know some of the other students in my group.  We often don't get much time together outside of lectures, and not living on campus makes it more difficult for me to get to know the others.  When I have a uni day I try to get there early and allow time to have a drink after workshops instead of rushing off for the train home. We're all becoming a little easier in each other's company and it's making a lot of difference to me.

We've all started to work on or discuss our assignments for Research Methods, which is due in Week 7, which is not far away now.  Also, we've started to chat about our final module submissions for Week 10 for Warwick Fiction Workshop 1.  The only trouble is, we end up with more questions than we started with!  There are lots of things to be discussed with the lecturers, I guess.

And I'm dreading using the MHRA system again for the critical analysis and review parts of the assignments.  I wish the system would get modified and made easier.  Why does pulling teeth spring to mind?    

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