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February 01, 2012

Writing & Recuperation

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The last year has been a difficult one for writing. Full of bereavement for my family and too many of my friends, it left little space for writing and even less for creativity.

I hoped 2012 would be an easier writing year, little suspecting that a car accident at the end of 2011 would mean that the new year would begin writing-free too. My right arm was badly damaged, although miraculously it didn't break. Being right-handed, to say this has been frustrating would be an understatement.

However, not to be defeated, I bought a Dragon voice-recognition system and started to use that to get some writing done for uni. Using it has been fun, fascinating, and infuriating. At times it's like trying to get a voice recognition system to tell you the showing times of a film you want to watch rather than the one the speaker thinks you want to watch. Sometimes I end up shouting at the computer screen and at other times, I wonder how on earth something I said got translated into what appears on the screen! It reminds me of Chris Moyles and his team messing about with the BBC voice recognition system: they say a person's name and see who the machine tries to connect them to.

It would be fun if I had the time to play, but with an eye to the sands of time pouring through the opening into the 'lost' pile, I'm anxious to writing. I still have 30,000 words to write for uni. As my writing matures, I wonder if the 10,000 words I wrote last year for submission for Writing Fiction Workshop 2 will now be good enough. I'm trying to be positive: even if I can't use it as it is, and even if I can't use it at all for the submission, they are 10,000 words that can be redrafted/edited. If I can't use them, then I can still learn something: don't write like that again!

As my body continues to heal, especially my hand and arm, so the number of words I manage to write increases. I am really excited about rekindling my love affair with writing. Writing helps me to escape while I'm house-bound, and a very welcome one too. I wonder where I'll escape to tomorrow...

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