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September 29, 2004

learning styles exercise–Review

Response to prompt "Learning Styles (2)" (View all responses or all Rahhiel's blog responses)

The learning styles exercise has shown me to be a reflector. i think this describes me quite well. i think my individual learning style will make me more independent and it will encourage me to work on a raional and logical basis with reasons for the decisions i make. i am also well aware of my limitations and therfore when necessary i would approach a colleague for advice and help and second opinion. I like working through things on my own to make sure that i can solve them. i enjoy working individually but i can work effectively as a team as well. however, sometimes without discussing things through with other people i might miss out on some vital information.


i do like to stand back to ponder experiences and observe them from
different perspectives and i prefer to think about issues thoroughly before coming to any conclusion. I am cautious when making decisions and do like to consider all possible angles and implications before making a move. i do sometimes tend to listen to others and get the drift of the discussion before making my own point.

i think i learn best when i am allowed to watch/think/chew over activities. Also, when I am able to stand back and observe and I am allowed to think before acting and have time to prepare. i like to have time to review what has happened, what they have learnt.

The advantages of being a reflector are that i am capable of seeing a new way of doing things. i can come up with creative solutions see long-term implications of things and i can usually see the bigger picture.
i remain quite calm in most sitautions and listen to others and share ideas. i am quite effective at integrating different subjects together. I tend to present my work really well and in novel and artistically appealing ways. i am good at coming up with new alternatives.

i am not rigid in my way of learning and depending upon the requirements of the subject being studied, i will adapt my learning style.
i do actually prefer the traditional style of learning by lectures and it is what i am used to. however, i think i am coping ok with the group work learning and it is a change from the lectures. also i find presentations quite daunting since i haven't done very many in the past- however, i accept that this is a skill necessary for a doctor and i am enthusiastic to develop it.

September 16, 2004

my learning style

the way in which i learn varies depending on the content of what i am learning. but in my final year of my degree i was getting very good at integrating material from one course unit to another. this is very important. i think it will be a change for me to start thinking of what i learn as something that i will be putting into practice. this is a skill that i am going to have to develop. i also make sure i understand what i am learning, so in exams if i forget a particular point-if i understand it then i can work through my thought processes. i do use colours and highlight some important notes. i also re-write my notes out and use textbooks and the internet alot. if i cant understand something in one textbook, i will use another text book. i am used to be being responsible for my learning and being an independent learner. the group work is going to be a big change for me as i rarely had to do any in my previous course.


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