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The Pub Quiz is organised by the RAG society with the intention of raising money for charity. We hope to provide an entertaining evening and the satisfactory feeling that comes from giving to those in need (not to mention the plethora of alcohol that has to be won!)

The quiz consists of eight rounds of ten questions and the categories are as follows:

  • General Knowledge
  • Sport
  • Specialist 1
  • Musical Intros
  • Interval
  • Film
  • Specialist 2
  • Letter

The prizes are typically as follows:

  • a bottle of wine for the best team name
  • 12 cans of lager for third place
  • 24 cans of lager and a bottle of wine for second place
  • 24 cans of lager, a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka for first place

It’s just £1 per person to enter so it’s a real bargain and a good opportunity to get out on a sunday night and have fun.

The quiz takes place every sunday night at 8pm in Cholo.

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