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October 30, 2006

02 A dissertation on blogging would probably benefit from a blog entry…

I’ve done a lot more work on the project since I first wrote. I always find it easier to think about things after I’ve done a large amount of research & I sit down to actually write what I want to say about it, which is why I haven’t felt like writing an entry about my work for a while.
Anyway, I’ve written a decent draft of the first chapter which just explains the origin of weblogs and follows their progression from literal logs of the web as the first generation, through to more journal type purposes of the second generation, & then onto a less obvious (more disputed?) third generation of blog-based social networks. I’m pretty happy with that at the moment so I’m leaving it be until I finish the second chapter, & then I’ll have another strict look at it & tidy it up more.

I’m currently working on the second chapter. This has had much slower progress than the first because the first was literally a chronology of events and issues that let to the development of blogging. This chapter is focused on the psychology behind weblogging. I’ve started by looking at previous “new” technologies so that I’m not reinventing the wheel. I’ve then gone onto looking at how affordances affect a technology and discuss this with regards to blogging. Now I’m on the yucky bit about psychological models for computer mediated communication. These have taken quite a while to read about & digest, & I’m struggling with writing about them without a) plagiarising b) oversimplifying and c) overcomplicating. Nice, huh?
So far I’m applying a brute force approach of reading the relevant information & just typing out something that vaguely explains the models. I keep re-reading it every few days & tidying it up, or having epiphanies about the layout.
I think I’m just going to have to get the model information down as concisely and readably as possible & then think about how I’m going to apply that specifically to blogs. I’m not sure whether to do that as a separate section or to entangle it with the explanations of the models. The fact that I just chose the word “entangle” for that idea doesn’t bode well, but nevermind.

I’m setting myself a hopeful deadline of 18th November to have this chapter at least done to a reasonable standard. However, I have a lot of other deadlines around that time, so I might have to let it slide back to the end of term.

More updates soon, I hope.

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