November 09, 2004

blogs vs reality

i'm still remain somewhat unconvinced by this whole blog revolution, but feel a need to be part of it. i have been reading other peoples and have found that people are rather honest on theirs. this i am quite stunned about. do people have an inability to talk to friends about their problems and feelings? is technology taking over our ability to communicate face-to-face? i see this as sad. talking to someone face-to-face is personal and real, something a text or msn message can not deliver. i accept that people may be able to say things more freely when hidden through a mobile phone or computer, but dear god people get some courage! …..

and yet i find myself drawn now to writing down my lifes troubles on this here blog. why? maybe i want people to read it, maybe i'll write things that are too hard to say? i'm confused with myself now – blogs blatently mean trouble!

i;m gonna stop this entry before i do reveal my life secrets and instead walk down stairs and discuss them over a coffee with my housemate. its more real and it makes me feel more comfortable – the idea of people commenting on the soap opera that is my life still semms a little strange. xx

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