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June 06, 2011


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What can I say.

A surprisingly good experience in my opinion. I really enjoyed working with Jack, and Esther.

It took a while unpicking what we had to do, and then in finding suitable activities. However once we knew what we had to do, we did it. We all knew that we couldn’t rely on someone else to pick up the slack, and so we did our best. Also helping to proof read other peoples work etc.

In some ways it reminded me of team teaching with Dom Mcgrath, and I regret not have the chance to team teach with Jack. I also regret that it feels like after this was over, nothing was made of it.

Still a surprisingly good experience, and produced something I am fairly proud of.

October 27, 2010

Trig Ratios

A quick attempt to do something slightly different for the trig-ratios exercise


September 23, 2010

My feelings on a blog

Apparently I need to create a blog for my e-portfolio.... and so this post is just checking that it appears in the way I expect...

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