May 23, 2007

Ninja Moon Boot Day

I have just returned from the chiropodist, where I have dutifully ferried my father. He has Charcot’s foot (and will he give it back? No, worse that a cat bringing you dead vermin. I mean another man’s foot!), a degenerative bone condition which means the bones in his foot (his, charcot’s, who knows…) are like porridge and sink to the bottom. It is more funkily called roller foot.
Due to it still being ‘active’, he now has an air boot. Please picture a boot slightly bigger than a ski boot that must be inflated with a small pump. I kid you not! I think it looks like a moon boot, except in black. A Ninja moon boot, if you will.
All goes well until the chiropodist (Leslie, who has been looking after my Dad’s feet for 41 years) starts to root around the nail bed. My Dad seems unfazed, but I can spy blood. Not a huge amount, it is true, but enough to be called bleeding by the medical profession. My hands go clammy and I can feel the gorge rising in my throat. I leap the dismantled moon boot and mumble something about mobile phones and sisters.
I am now safely in the library, and, although I am fazed by the amount of flip flops and bare feet on show, I have not actually vomited. I think today shall be called ‘The Day Rachel Developed Another Phobia.’ or Ninja moon boot day.
Hope yours is a good one, and celebrate it by good foot care and well fitting shoes.

May 03, 2007

Once a year.

I have returned to the world of blog.

Just want to share a pithy line or two about love etc.

One of our orgasms is missing!
(My own..)
Where did you last see it?

May 14, 2006

Procrastination, thy name is blog

Ought to be writing my essay at the moment. But, I'd rather be watching Top Gear and writing this. I haven't blogged for a while, mainly due to apathy and laziness. But, another stronger force has intervened. Yes PROCRASTINATION.
The best thing I have ever done whilst knee deep in procrastination, is the putting up of shelves. I'm curious, what have you done? And, more importantly, what should you have been doing?
Let me know. I may even create a funky colour coded pie chart to represent the different activities.
I have also signed up for and yahoo personals. I could meet my future husband through procrastination.
I have filled the re–cycling boxes. I am saving the planet though procrastination.
Let me know. Please help me continue the vital, planet saving procrastination. It is my coping method.

October 19, 2005


Follow-up to Housework is a battle field from Occaisonally, very clever people can appear stupid.

My distinctly NOT highly strung sister has read this blog. I am all for the freedom of information. I will continue to blog with impunity, but perhaps with tact!

October 16, 2005

Housework is a battle field

Okay, so not about an eighties power balllad, but a more pressing problem. Housework.
I live with my sister, who is generally more tidy than I. Indeed for tidy read 'highly strung'. But a new and unusual situation has occurred. Whilst Emsy (sister) was away on a week long holiday, I over-achieved on the housework front. Yep, when she got back the house was vac'd, polished and tidy. The washing was up to date, and I had reduced down my ironing pile to the things I never, ever,wear; even the bin was empty!
The net result: the moral high ground.
I've found I quite like the view…
I have noticed a distinct change in behaviour: testy, testy, testy! I have NOTHING to be repremanded about. Not one little thing. It is driving her mad.
We are now engaged in housework one-upmanship. I try to get it done, she tries to get it done first. I do not know if this is the perfect riposte to an over enthusiatic tidier, or if she finally has me too well trained.
But what I do know, is the spiders are moving out and Mister Sheen is moving in.

October 09, 2005

One of our dinosaurs is missing

I have searched the blogs. Albeit is a less then thorough way. I cannot find a way to find post grads. Or even mature post grads. I am a lonely dinosaur in a vast university of youngsters.
I wish I could say that it didn't bother me. I mean, I don't get spots any more, am quite happy listening to radio four, and bring a thermos to uni. If others don't feel the need to bring a packed lunch; bag of dried fruit; four jaffa cakes; small bag of sunflower seeds; the magical 'executive thermos'; packet of quavers; Greek yoghurt (with spoon and golden sultanas); and chocolate bar, more fool them!
It's not like I have wet wipes in the car…
What do others notice about mature students? What tips do you have for not spending ANY money once at uni? Anything else I should add to my bag lady trolley?
I feel that with enough preparation I can get through this year, so help gratefully received.

October 08, 2005

Enforced fun

The hell of enforced fun: by this I mean the let's mingle with others on your course. Now, however nasty this might seem, I do not have an opening in my friend books at the moment. I am well aware that I should be sociable, make friends and influence people etc, but I don't want to. Now this could be because I am socially inept and a bit autistic, but this is not the case. No, the woman does not protest too much. I am generally regarded as quite charming, witty and engaged with the world.
The thing is, I have friends, whom I value and love and I just don't have room for any more. I am studying every weekend to stay atop my reading, at uni 2 days a week and working the other 3. With my friends I don't have to do the getting to know you crap, as our knowledge of each other predates the ark. Short hand in conversations is good, because it is short.
Just let's pause to notice the hypocrisy sprites: THE TIME SPENT WRITING THIS BLOG COULD HAVE BEEN SPENT MAKING A NEW FRIEND.
Key point: I just don't want to.

October 05, 2005

en–forced blog–dom

The not so subtle hints of Casy Leaver (GET A BLOG) have made this bold step possible.
I will attempt to blog more than once in a blue moon, and follow the brownie guide code.
My current rant is the shocking price of coffee on campus. £1.40, for god's sake! Who has that kind of money?
I have been very canny, and dare I say it, sad, and I have a HUGE thermos of tea with me. Now, before you imgaine a large green monster thermos, with a crappy white cup, let me tell you of my 'executive' thermos. It is silver, has starbucks on it, and has the barrista seal of approval. The only problem is, it only stores 1 cup of tea/coffee. Not very good for a thirsty post-grad. So, I have the big green thermos and decant it into the 'executive' thermos so that no one can see! (Cue manical laughter)
Only one slight problem. I washed out the big green monster, and now the tea tastes of soap. It's still warm and wet, but makes me froth at the mouth a little. Much like the shocking price of coffee.

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