October 05, 2005

en–forced blog–dom

The not so subtle hints of Casy Leaver (GET A BLOG) have made this bold step possible.
I will attempt to blog more than once in a blue moon, and follow the brownie guide code.
My current rant is the shocking price of coffee on campus. £1.40, for god's sake! Who has that kind of money?
I have been very canny, and dare I say it, sad, and I have a HUGE thermos of tea with me. Now, before you imgaine a large green monster thermos, with a crappy white cup, let me tell you of my 'executive' thermos. It is silver, has starbucks on it, and has the barrista seal of approval. The only problem is, it only stores 1 cup of tea/coffee. Not very good for a thirsty post-grad. So, I have the big green thermos and decant it into the 'executive' thermos so that no one can see! (Cue manical laughter)
Only one slight problem. I washed out the big green monster, and now the tea tastes of soap. It's still warm and wet, but makes me froth at the mouth a little. Much like the shocking price of coffee.

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  1. Welcome La Rochelle!

    Well done on picking up the subtle hints!

    05 Oct 2005, 11:38

  2. Yeah I was moping today because I had to break a tenner for a cup of coffee.
    Even from the machines it costs 50p (an extra 5p if you want milk) and that tastes like vomit.

    07 Oct 2005, 20:27

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