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September 05, 2005

05 Sep 05 – The Last Few Days

Section A: The Real World

Certainly, theres a lot been happening in the world for discussion, even prompting a little hand wringing about the state of the world in general – something I usually leave to the conservatives and the Sun readers. Although I'm surprised they care, given how little real news actually makes it into the Sun these days. All that rubbishy news stuff merely got in the way of what papers were really for – adverts and pornography, innnit? But anyway, terrible things occuring. I am begginning to feel that the world is imploding and Malthus was right all along, although not entirely. Last week my metro must have contained several thousand deaths. Stampedes in Iraq, hurricanes in America and a few particularly twisted and or evil murders. Just think of all the plain old everyday husband kills wife/ junkie kills junkie / random person killed themselves that didn't make the news. (As it turned out, there was a suicide that day, but it was spectacularly newsworthy – mother drags young children in fron tof high speed heathrow express. Its got everything – drama (the train) mystery (who knows why she did it) and tragedy (a mother killing her young children)). Not to mention all of that, going on in every other country in the world – some more, some less (but not that much left) Its a miracle to me that theres any humans left. We appear to be accelerating towards our own distruction on an astronimical scale. And I haven't even got to wars or natural disasters (OK, I mentioned the hurricane, but more i'm talking about famines, droughts etc – long term shit). Malthus reckoned that nature would curb us (this was after a radical transformation from his previous POV, which was that our shocking over use of resources and over population should be controled by abstinence (not contraception – abstinence only) Aparantly, birds do it, bees do it, but humans shouldn't, cause they do it too damn much. But any way, we're apparantly giving nature a helping hand. Of course, this in itself is supposing that humans and nature are seperate, and that is a whole 'nother debate.

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