February 03, 2005

La la la … sun is shining etc

Oh Joy to the World, the happy people sing – or something like that. I am writing to spread the message of joy and happiness and peace and all that shit to all you (3) people who actually read this blog. I,my friends, have had an epiphany! I have sunk so low, that I fell through the bottom and am in a whole strange new world! For example : No longer does it matter that the world is against you, that there is some terrifyingly intelligent intellectual (or I-wordish) individual in your classes who makes you sink into the bottom of your boots the second they open their mouth, sure as you are that they are about to utter something dramatically intelligent, which will basically cause you to shrivel up and die with embarassment at your own inability to make the tutor blush with excitement at your genius quite like that. No more to walk uindignified through the rain, getting wet and barely noticing. I, my friends, have brought an umbrella!

And I'm not talking about a real umbrella, no – for I have found the secret to a happy life – a spiritual umbrella to keep me dry when times are tough, and nothing will help. My Spiritual umbrella has a name … and that name is …

Chocolate!!!! (I'm sorry, its all the religious shit pelting around at the moment! I couldn't help myself!) Or possibly crisps, it depends on if ur a sweet or a savoury kind of person. But also cheesy movies, dancing with friends, having a long hot shower, playing stupid games on the internet, not getting dressed, and having big hugs!

Hmmm … maybe I should open an umbrella shop …. x

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  1. have you tried jewel quest? i got addicted to that last year before my puter broke.

    i wrote a story that had some kind of theory thats like a black hole theory thing except when you get to the very bottom of everything you fall right through and find yourself Elsewhere, in the land of magic, which is nowhere and everywhere and above and beyond and, evidently, beneath. i have been dwelling here for some time which is why i am a bit weird.

    dont feel bad. welcome to the land of magic. chocolate anyone?

    03 Feb 2005, 22:59

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