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March 03, 2005

House of Flying Daggers – Don't read if you actually want to know what its about!

Not rated

V. good film, I'm sure. Probably better when silly trainee projectionists don't screw it up and make people look at smelly headers and stupid plastic looking heads. Also a little bloody. I mean, I know its all about fighting and 'flying daggers' and the like, but I've generally found these big chinese films to be quite tasteful in the bloody-ness regions, but the final scene was a little gruesome. Maybe it was the snow. Also, the annoying woman with the not dying ever! I don't think I was really in the mood for this movie, I have to be honest. Although the 'echo dance' bit was way cool, I got a little bored with all the super cool fighting stuff by the end. If thats your thing – then definately go to see it. Although, I think the story line was good – with the not paying attention, I could only really guess at exactly what was going on.

AH, what the hell. Great Movie. Go see. NOW!



Hee ;)


Something very exciitng happened to me recently – I dropped my phone into a glass of water. I have a very exciting life. But Yay – I also bought a new phone. Yay! Its pretty, and black, and has a speaker, and plays music. And, I had to buy a dongle to make it work. I love dongles. Not only do they have the stupidest name of any computer componant in the whole world, they also look coupletely pointless and worthless sticking out the back of the computer.

Ow. I just checked that my laptop had serial port, and my shelf assaulted me. And now its definately moving around the room trying to evade me. Oh dear.

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