November 19, 2004

Wooo me!

Yay! I'm a very happy bunny today (and no, its not the drugs … although they help with the homicidal rage – ooops, I digress) Anyway, happy me. I projected my first film at the student cinema yesterday – and I didn't totally balls it up. I mean, I possibly screwed up several times (here, thanks to Tim, big cheese proj. who saved my ass countless times) but I never truly fucked up so badly that he couldn't save it, which is nice. Progress, I feel. I became shockingly aware of my exorbitant use of the word 'thing', which has replaced just about every technical term in my vocabulary. Here is a short selection from my conversation last night:

Tim: right, what next?
Me: Um … um… hold on, wait oh yeah – you put the thing in the thingy, and then shut the um … you know, that thing on it. (accompanied by wild gesticulation)
Tim : ok, then next
Me: Um … thingy, um …. dunno.
and so it went on. I would like to point out that my gesticulation was quite impressive – I never needed to clarify which thing I was having trouble with.

Anyway, it was fun. So me a happy, happy bunny.

On a slightly more serious note, anyone considering buying Tesco's Orange and Banana Juice, dont. Under any circumstances. Ever. It tastes like vomit. I am managing to make my way through the carton with the aid of an equally vomit tasting carton of Pineapple juice. The combination is marginally more palatable than either of the componants by themselves. Hmmm : ick + Ick = less than ick. I bet that would baffle maths bods.

Sadly, my dear friend Jen is poorly, which is a depressing thought. She is all sicky, which means I will soon be all sicky, and so could lots of other people, which is not nice. Thankfully, it is not mumps. Speaking of which, hasn't the uni taken its time about that? two weeks after the problem arises, they'll start vaccinating us – woo! (although it may not work cos we only get one …)

Humty tum te dum.

I shall go and be happy elsewhere : spread the smiles!


November 14, 2004

and its been a while … since I went and fucked things up, just like I always do

Well, like I said, its been a while. Depressingly, I have nothing of particular importance to relate anyway, so it doesn't really matter. I went home – woo me, and tried to get into my house using my keys for here. I saw a pretty bonfire night display, and spent four and a half hours getting back here from london, because some asshole decided the best way to kill himself was to park on the train tracks and take several others with him. That weekend was also the weekend I decided to get to know leamington better – wondering around in the dark looking for a bus stop with heavy bags is an unfun experience.

I'm training as a projestionist for the Student Cinema, which is kinda cool. I'm looking forward to it, just because really – except I'm a bit (wel, very) worried that I'll forget stuff – there always seems to be so much to remember. Fingers crossed. My parents are still on their ' so what societies are you joining, what are you up to' kick – I think they're making up for my brother being so absolutely lazy about stuff like that.

I've handed in an assessed piece of work! Exciting, but I put my name on it – and your not supposed to eeek! Its a shame theuy didn't tell us that earlier (and I know its in the handbook, but I musta missed it – i got everything else right) I'm a bit worried – they didn't say what the penalty was for handing in anonymous work with your name on …

Oh well, fingers crossed. (I Should put that on my gravestone)


October 26, 2004

Bad Ideas!

It has recently struck me that enocuraging students of Warwick to set up and write in Blogs is somewhat counter productive. Take me, for example. I should be writing a poem, exploring the dubious pleasures of Terza Rime, James Joyce and the New Criticism. However, thanks to my blog – I am doing none of this – I am simply sitting here, wittering on inanely about how easily the blog allows us to procrastinate …. hmmmm ….

ANother great form of procrastination is DC ++, which I downloaded last night, and sadly spent the evening setting it up – unable to do any work :(, only to discover that I need a certain address for a warwick hub or something similar (someone said 'Onions' to me earlier – am i going mad?) so if anyone else is procrastinating by reading this and happen to know the address of the hub, please waste a further ten minutes on a wordy email, ultimately giving me the address (no riddles please, I don't think I could stand the pressure on my brain – i mean air)

Hum … well, having said that, I guess art calls, and I had better go and write my poem …


October 23, 2004

Saturday … the whateverth!

Well hello world!

Whaddaya know – I'm breaking my own rule of thumb and writing on that (oh holy of holy days) student dream time of saturday night. Isn't it tragic? like the skeleton, I'm outside of the ball, as I have no body to go with (although incidentially that never stopped cinderella, who was really quite an independant woman) not really – I'm just lazy. My bed seems too cozy and comfy and near for me to go to Boogie Nights – especially considering the vast quantities of alcohol which found thier way down my throat yesterday evening at our Busted (yes, the band) party, which basically involved listening to Busted and drinking – for some more than others ;) Also saw Shrek 2 – SO AMAZING! I'd forgotten how much fun it was. Can I also mention that Antonio Banderas is hot – in himself rather than as a pussy cat! And that sexy voice …. mmm… :)

I finally left campus today – you;d think after almost five weeks I'd have got cabin fever, but not so! I went shopping in Leamington and found some stuff to complete my Halloween Outfit :) I'm not saying what I'm going as tho! I also bought a swim suit, which I later found is for 14 year olds. I can however, squish into it, and as it was cheaper than the grown up ones, I guess I can live, although my flabby bits do stick out a little – not that I'm flabby obviously – i'm a six foot raven haired bronzed beauty with green eyes and crimson lips, a twenty inch waist and 36DD bust (sorry, reverting to internet lies obviously) So thats fun. We also went to Pizza Express for dinner which was yum! Then we watched Charlies Angels 2 – giggle. Hmm – it seems to have been a weekend for sequels doesn't it?

Ah well, c'est la vie – lots of work to do tomorrow – no more playing for me!


Puss …. In BOOTS!

I want what every princess wants – to live happily ever after with the Ogre of my dreams ….

October 18, 2004

Monday 18th

Clearly mondays are the days for writing the Blog. I find my mondays are characterised by a kind of restlessness which causes me to itch and find things to do. As a writer, I find the desire to write almost unbearable on a monday, yet at the sametime, the restlessness makes it impossible to sit and focus upon a single, very demanding piece of work. And so I Blog. It should not be surprising to me, as Monday restlessness is as inevitable as Sunday Night blues. Since coming here, I have discovered people who simply do not suffer this condition, and I find it very odd. For those of you unfamiliar with the condition, it is very simple. It is a state of mild depression which arises on a Sunday evening, any time from 5pm onwards, when you realise that tomorrow is monday and you hav school/work/lectures/something equally horrid to attend on monday morning. The experience is heightened for many by the horror and realisation that there is much work to be done in between now and then, and then moved to new heights as you begin to notice a new temporal phenomenon in which time rapidly speeds up, making it almost impossible to finish. I would like to clarify, as well, that Sunday Night Blues is very different from the gut wrenching feeling of having important work due in the next day, and experiencing the temporal phenomenon mentioned above.

Anyway, I digress! This weekends blues were worse than usual, due to the departure of Andy (my Boyf) and Jenny (My Dearest) friend, who came to visit me. We had an excellent weekend, although slightly marred by the pathetic display the union put on. Having told tales of excellent nights when the bar is 10 deep, and the dancefloor packed out so much you can't breathe, 'Vapour' lived up to its name … all the people there must have been vapour, the place was so damn empty. I have a sneaking feeling that the 'Yes, I'm sures' I recieved in reply to my bemused 'but its normally packed' was at least a little patronising, and disbelieving! On a more positive note – Yay to the Shapeshifters who came on, played the one song they were known for, and did not subject people to half an hour of stuff no one knows … On a slightly more sucky note, I would like to say a sincere fuck you (is this thing censored?) to whichever arseholes thought it funny to grab me between my legs whilst dancing on one of the raised stages … just a hint guys … not funny, and not likely to ever get you laid … ever ok? But other than that it was a great evening!

On a lighter note – the comedy club was brilliant, Ray Peacock is incredibly funny, although I pity Matt the Twat (sorry) although he did make it worse for himself! It is an interesting illustration of mob mentality to note that the entire crowd turned against one of thier own and followed the comedian … sheep? … us … nah … :)

Over the hills and far away, over the bridge and accross the fields … sorry, I'm rambling ;) (and yes I did steal that from Mike Belgrave the comedian, but hey!)

Anyway, I've written more than any sane person could possibly want to read, although I doubt any readership bigger than the mates at home whom I've been neglecting dreadfully in the communication stakes! (BTW is that the correct usage of WHOM? for a lit student, I guess I oughta know)

Adios everybody …

October 11, 2004

Monday 11th

Is it the 11th? I hope so! I have been seized with a worryingly Bridget-Jones Style optimism, that will lead me to use this Blog to publically declare my gorgeous intentions (ie go on diet, take up excercise and um … continue to not smoke, but drink lots ) and equally publically declare my failures at the above!

As well as physical motivation, I have been motivated to actually do some work – somthing I think due to the fact that Freshers Fortnight is actually over and now I have to get my backside in gear. I have been to the library and taken out two authentically old looking books for Background reading on Eliot, a man I have taken a completely rational dislike to ( I say rational – it is rational for those of us who study him!)

Its interesting then that my new found enthusiasm for such studying comes when I also become so interested in writing my blog – such an elegant form of procrastination!

Adios, my little ducklings ….

Hello Again

Well, its taken a while, but hey – I got here in the end …

The real problem for me having a Blog is that theres really nothing that exciting going on it my head for me to write about here,
so I'm basically faced with the threat of boring anyone silly enough to read this thoroughly – although I imagine I have now thoroughly put everyone off by now –
Recently I've been walking. I've developed an obsession with the Geese here – its incredible – they are completely unafraid of people. I wish it was also true the other way round – they scare the crap out of me to be honest! I edge around them on the pathways

… can they smell fear like a dog?? I really hope not … one was eyeing me up the other day – I practically ran off!

Anyway, I’ve been walking near the scary geese and all the pretty green stuff (city girl that I am), in the hope it will provide me with a muse – it does seem to make me a little poetical

One of my modules already sux

…. The work is impossibly, improbably hard – esp as people in the other seminars don’t seem to get anything even vaguely as hard.

The Freshers Ball was excellent! I have to be truly honest here and say I think Bjorn again were excellent. All I have to say about electric six was that I found my chips massively more interesting!! After it we went back to Jenny’s and watched 10 things I hate about you – the most brilliant film ever! OK, so it was half two in the morning, but that only heightens its genius!

September 27, 2004

Um … Hi

I don't really have much to say .. but i feel i should make an entry just for the sheer hell of it. I'd like to thank the clear communication between academic depts and the accomadation depts which have cleverly resulted in me having to piss one or other of them off by not attending the lecture/kitchen meeting which I have tonight!!

Hmmm … who to annoy?

Well, this is all crap really, but its something so my Blog is not entirely empty!

Adios x

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