October 26, 2004

1985 Red Cross Relief to Parts of Africa

Writing about web page http://www.redcross.org/museum/19801999c.html

In 1985, the American Red Cross launched a massive relief effort for the sub-Saharan region in Africa. The goal was to raise $5 million dollars, but raised over $24.5 million from the American people and government. The Red Cross was able to distribute food, seed, set up transportation, education, hospitals and much more in more than 16 African countries that had been riddled with famine and political unrest. Most of the recipients of the relief were the elderly, mothers and children.

October 19, 2004

Comparative Relief in DRC after Volcano

Writing about web page http://www.yenra.com/volcano-africa-congo-goma/

This article tells of the same eruption in the DR Congo. It emphasizes the relief aid that the United States had supplied in January. It does not speak much of the people, except for their need in the refugee camps in Rwanda and how the United States was planning on meeting it.

Relief to DR Congo after Volcano

Writing about web page http://www.act-intl.org/news/dt_nr_2002/updrcongo0302.html

This article told of the immediate relief aid given to the victims of the eruption of a volcano near the city of Gomo in January of 2002. Several aid agencies rushed to help the refugees that had fled to neighboring Rwanda. A few days after the eruption, people were going back to their homes, many of which were destroyed. The aid workers were concerned of further eruptions, but willing to help those without basic necessities. Aid agencies that helped were the Lutheran World Federation, the Anglican Church in Rwanda and the Rwanda Red Cross.

October 09, 2004

Consolidated Relief Effort in Turkey (August 1999)

Writing about web page http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/europe/9908/20/turkey.quake.02/index.html

After the tragic earthquake that shook one of Turkey's largest cities, Istanbul, relief organizations from around the world rushed workers into the country to help civilians and aid Turkey's own rescue workers. The original earthquake measured 7.4, and the ensuing aftershock, 5.0. The city's buildings lay in ruins as it was estimated that 7,000 people have been killed with 34,000 injured. The Turkish government advised people to stay outdoors in fear of another destructive aftershock.
Rescue organizations such as the International Red Cross sent teams of workers to help with the search for victims, clean up as well as distribution of food and water to those left without homes. The Red Cross brought 600 tons of food for the country over the days that followed the quake. They also provided medical equipment and the assistance of doctors from several different countries.

Humanitarian relief for Sudanese

Writing about web page http://www.wr.org/featurestories/view.asp?id=30000089

World Relief has partnered with several other relief organizations in order to bring humanitarian aid to the Sudanese in Darfur (the western region of the Sudan) who have fled their homes to refugee camps. One million people have come to these camps, ready to risk the outbreak of disease from these overcrowded areas rather than return to their homes. Relief agencies have provided the population in these camps with water, food and shelter, though more is required at this time.
Violence started in early 2003 when rebel groups attacked government buildings, and in return, the government attacked villages supposedly linked to the rebel groups. These attacks have reached horrific levels, to the point of accused genocide. The United States and the United Nations have put pressure on the Sudanese government to put an end to the violence, to which Sudanese government officials have conceded.

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