August 14, 2006


I think we are trying to stay in as many unusally named towns as possible! We are staying two nights in a town called Weed! Is is really nice and small, but has an amazing view of Mt Shasta, which is very pretty because it is not surrounded by other mountains.

Seaside was fun, we went kayaking, walking by the beach and sat around a camp fire. Unfortunately I got red legs, from some combination of the sun and the heat from the fire! opps. we were fed s'mores by some americans who could not believe we did not know what they were (biscuits and chocolate and toasted marshmallows!)

Hopefully we should be in San Diego by the weekend and then we will work our way up the coast(popping into Mexico first to add another country to my list!) Maybe renting a car for just over a week, cos the public transport is rather rubbish! Although travellling my greyhound is good is slow and never to exactly the places you want to go! and you get to met lots of new people.

better go, internet time almost up!

August 11, 2006


in about 5 minutes i am going to go to Seaside – a whole place called that. a bit strange i know, but i have been assured it is actually on the coast – maybe americans don't have much imagination!

as you might has guessed i am the usa! and have been since tuesday, and so far it has been good. havent done very much yet, but have got to see a bit about american family life.

right better go!

August 01, 2006


Just arrived back from China, and decided that I should have kept a blog while I was there, so am going to try to blog some stuff now (could turn into a very long post!).

Don't really know where to start so I'll just try to list a few things…

What was I doing…
Teaching English to English teachers, and being classed as a foreign expert :s. When I stood in front of a class of 34 adults, all older than me I for the first time I was definately did not feeling like an expert!

Things I'm already missing about China…
1. My class, and the people I taught, their enthusiasm, their dedication and their friendliness!
2. Our chaperones – always eating meal together we had become like family! They showed us how to eat each new dish, translated for us, shopped with us, bargained for us, explained how to use the toilet… there were soooooooooo lovely!
3. The food – I eat so much (its nice to get restaurant food cooked for 3 times a day) yet I didnt put on any weight

Things I missed about England
1. Chocolate not being such a luxery
2. Being able to use the internet
3. Speaking to people
4. Lots of weddings :(

I love food, and Chinese food is very good, and I ate lots and lots.
Particularly unusual dishes were pig's ear, tortoise head, and donkey. One meal we had a donkey feast – cold donkey, hot donkey, donkey tendons, donkey soup and donkey in bread. The 1st dish was nice, the 5th wasn't so easy to eat! I was full for the next 24 hrs (honestly) and I'm always hungry!

Wil update this and load some photos later :)

May 12, 2006

English weather = comedy

Ok, so probably not the best time to write a second blog entry, but my cycling ride home today was very entertaining.

1. i leave chaplaincy, start walking in the wrong direction, realise by mistake, and make a loud exclaimation and turn around. am laughed at by a passer–by, (my exclamiation was rather loud, and my turn rather abrupt) luckily she says she is always doing stuff like this

2. conversation continue, it starts to rain, and my new friend wishes me luck with my cycle ride home

3. it starts to thunder

4. i realise i am wearing a skirt and t–shirt

5. rain gets heavier

6. i cycle home, getting wetter and wetter

7. i pass blossom trees, being that i'm already a little soaked, this sticks to me turning me into some kind of summer snow–woman

8. bright lightening flashes across the sky

9. i cycle over a metal bridge, wondering what other conducters there are around

10. i realise i have a jacket in my bag, i realise that i'm a little warm neway, i realise the jacket isn't water proof and i realise removing jacket would make everything else wet all at about the same time.

9. i finally arrive home, my longish demin skirt dripping, slip on shoes dripping, hair dripping, t–shirt surprisingly dry.

reasons why i wasn't seriously annoyed with the weather
1. entertainment if caused onlookers
2. it wasn't cold
3. i didn't feel like being annnoyed
4. it meant i could justify not doing much work as i had to dry off
5. you can't be annoyed when you're laughing

June 11, 2005

back to myself

finally got my blog back to myself, but really shouldn't waste more time messing around with it, so I suppose I'll just have to stop typing and tidy my room, which has been seriously suffering from exams…

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