January 07, 2009

Bridge to Growth

Writing about web page http://www.rayhan.net/bridge-to-growth/

Posted a blog on my other site (www.rayhan.net) yesterday about the Bridge to Growth program from the Advantage West Midlands. It’s a great program if an international company is looking to setup a business venture in the UK.


October 16, 2008

Language Chic

Writing about web page http://www.languagechic.com/

I met with a new client today, LanguageChic.com.  She has an interesting business model.  While there are quite a few language translation services as well as individuals who would correct English for students’ papers, she is additionally focusing on executive market and offering to polish not only business reports and briefings, but also emails.

If the turn around time for correcting emails is quick, I can see the service being helpful for executives who are not thoroughly confident in their English, but need to communicate in that language.

Lets see how the business develops.

(wonder what she thinks of my English?)

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  • Thank you Rayhan! Personally I would suggest only a few changes to the English perhaps! by Joanne on this entry

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