October 16, 2019

What a lovely day

Sunny with a gentle breeze, lovely!

I have to say I'm sleepy now. I had better have an early night if I want to get up at 6 o'clock. Anyway, keeping early hours is a good way to stay healthy. By the way, I find it's quite good to do some grocery shopping on the early morning, less crowded, more small trolleys, take your time.


On the presentation, I think each team did a good job. But when it comes an end, I suddenly realised that may be all of us failed to response to the question directly with relevant, supported ideas.


Current practice within our manufacturing organization is to hold a weekly (Monday) production meeting where we review the previous week's production in order to establish if we have any problems and need to make changes. Typically we make decisions based on:

  • Production volumes versus target.
  • Production volumes last week versus performance in the week before.
  • Production volumes compared to the same week last year.
Prepare a presentation (10-15 minutes maximum) in which you critique this approach and discuss any alternative approach you would prefer.

I've highlighted some words in bold that I think are key point. So the point is on a weekly meeting, the first priority is to find out some URGENT problems that have to be solved within this week, otherwise we could be in big trouble. So, we seek for measurable approaches like product volumes to tell managers Directly and Clearly what need to be done Right Now. I am not sure whether others've answered this point or not. However, I just heard a lot criticism about the above methods.

Then I just think about whether we do writing or presentation, it's not uncommon that we go astray at any stage. Why it's so hard for us to stick on what have been asked to answer? That's really frustrated me sometimes when I find myself have done a lot work that just not relevant. Rich said it's quite common in Western class, and it's nice to deviate to get new information and insights.

  • I received two post mails yesterday hahaha, I don't know I just get happy to see something lying in my mailbox.
  • I know which database is useful for my course and how to narrow down the search results range. I am always pround of my information literacy skills, joking.
  • Oh I bookded an industrial visit during the class,it's a new partner for this year. I hope there would not be any time clash.
  • I bought a £2.5 food container at Wilko this morning and luckily it's the last one on shelf.

Nothing need to worry, just have fun and have a nice sleep tonight. Dobrú noc

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  1. Chananya Poontanasap

    need to teach me your information literacy skills!

    19 Oct 2019, 20:12

  2. Lulu Qu

    @ Chananya Poontanasap

    Well~ Just keep curious, nothing special.

    19 Oct 2019, 20:48

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