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October 02, 2019

Acclimating to the environment

Tue 9th day Sunshine!!!

I'm not counting the dates day by day, which just makes me sentimental. But I do wanna live a campus life on my own calendar.


  • Finally, I got the appointment of police registration.
  • Today's weather is PERFECT, even though I spent the whole day in class with my tutor and mates, still perfect.
  • Academic writing is not gonna be a problem, just write write write every day(sorry I'm wordy)


  • Well, I attended a career guidance yesterday, so the point from the consultant is just get much experience as possible, and they don't need to be related to my target work, really. Just try to get more inspiration from the Warwick community.
  • Today, Paul and Vagelis have emphasized that the study environment on MBE is quite different. We' would learn how to learn and we do PMA is for FEEDBACK, not for a mark, which I call it a "Aha moment!"


  • I know the the PUNCTUALITY is kinda a British Rule, so I just try to be on time for any appointment or event. I've make a pic as the wallpaper on my phone.hahahaha
  • Many of classmates speak really fluently and fast, I feel bit difficult to catch them and still need time to adjust distinctive accents.
  • I try to manage my time and energy well, like I gonna go to sleep by ten. Sleep better, Study better, I couldn't agree more.
  • A book per week may be too demanding for me, so maybe just one fortnightly.
  • I am learning Slovakian, at least to speak the Rrrrrrr sound correctly.


  • I'm still bad at cooking, and have on idea about the food I've done. Also, I find myself craving sweet since yesterday, hope it's temporary like a tornado. I cannot live with ED anymore!!!! I am gonna combat this.
  • I am losing hairs now, Gosh, please~

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