October 17, 2007

Learning English in Warwick

Some days ago, I joined in the Archery club in Warwick, during three weeks training, the unaware reality that strike me is the talking experience between real native speaker who don't slow their speed of speak and with a large number of slang. It's absolutely discouraged when you can listen to your tutor who speak with their slowly speed clearly but have nothing with these guys. Sometimes I just like a drop in the bucket.

Due to the experience in my life, I know if there is a problem appears, I must solve it. Why I can't understand them? To be frankly, I don't know, maybe lack of vocabulary, confusion over grammar or out of register. In one word, I need change.

In the past, I write down new words whatever I meet and never reread them what means it equal to zero. Therefore, I won't let this situation appears again. Even if I just remember two words exactly a day, I never write down 10 words with nothing left next day.

I have some English film with subtitle, Maybe it's a good way for both fun and study. I remember that 2 two years ago when I was in Renmin university, I said to myself, every week watch one film iteratively until I can understood every details without subtitles, but it seems failed. Then this moment as I write this essay, I suddenly found that my plan is always correct, the only thing I need to do is promise what I planned.

But it's always easier to say than to work. isn't it?


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.ult.jpg

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    Hi Quan Long,
    I can understand how you feel because when I was your age (younger, actually it was before I started university) I went to live in France for a year because I wanted to study French. I thought I was quite good at French and I had got a good result in the A level. However when I listened to my French flat mate and her friends I could hardly understand anything!! They understood me but I could not follow them when they spoke. Slowly however I began to learn the slang and informal vocabulary they were using and I began to understand more and more. So if you are patient and persistent you will get there. Keep asking, keep taking notes, keep using the dictionary or Google define:..... Be careful that you do not use slang words in the wrong context though – that happened to me in France and it was quite embarrassing!

    11 Nov 2007, 22:35

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