January 13, 2008

ET305 Homework

There has been an explosion in social networking sites for either adults or kids, like Facebook,

Myspace and Bebo. It is means that everyone can get into what is called a virtual community. In this

news, Olivia Lewis was an E-predator, who had more than 40 years older than Ellie and wants to

make sex with her. Finally, when Olivia was arrested, the police said that it was really hard to enter

his room because of the large quantities of pornography. It is obvious that parents should tell more

details of danger from internet to their children instead only say something like "you shouldn't visit dirty websites!"

(words: 107)


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.

January 06, 2008

heronbank– learning grid– essay

Those days i went to learning grid frequently for my essay, i found that in my own room i cant't concentrated, to be honest, food, game, drink, chat are all the elements which effected me during that time.

the fact is, I used 7 whole day in my room for only 200 words, i don't know what's wrong with me, but i still have enough confidents. 

One day, I heard about learning- grid from my roommates, he told me lots of information about that, but i even didn't care about what he told me until i heard the key word "concentrate", yes~ he said he can concentrate in work in learning- grid~!

Then that night i went there by myself, bacause no one want to go there for its far,  when I been there for 1 hour, i fell in love with that place.  quiet and academic circumstance, althougt sometimes i can't find a table~~ too many people.

for my essa, i did't find it's difficult, we have an large number of information about how to write essay form class and lecture, only thing we need to do is go to library and  find some books, and  selecte some useful references, we also have a powerful resource- internet. 

anyway, i learnt a lot, for example, i learnt how to use self- machine in library~^_^


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.

October 17, 2007

Learning English in Warwick

Some days ago, I joined in the Archery club in Warwick, during three weeks training, the unaware reality that strike me is the talking experience between real native speaker who don't slow their speed of speak and with a large number of slang. It's absolutely discouraged when you can listen to your tutor who speak with their slowly speed clearly but have nothing with these guys. Sometimes I just like a drop in the bucket.

Due to the experience in my life, I know if there is a problem appears, I must solve it. Why I can't understand them? To be frankly, I don't know, maybe lack of vocabulary, confusion over grammar or out of register. In one word, I need change.

In the past, I write down new words whatever I meet and never reread them what means it equal to zero. Therefore, I won't let this situation appears again. Even if I just remember two words exactly a day, I never write down 10 words with nothing left next day.

I have some English film with subtitle, Maybe it's a good way for both fun and study. I remember that 2 two years ago when I was in Renmin university, I said to myself, every week watch one film iteratively until I can understood every details without subtitles, but it seems failed. Then this moment as I write this essay, I suddenly found that my plan is always correct, the only thing I need to do is promise what I planned.

But it's always easier to say than to work. isn't it?


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.ult.jpg

October 11, 2007

Warwick Farewell – Usama Mansour (1976 – 2007)

It is with great sadness that we report the sudden death of Usama Mansour, a PhD student from the Warwick Manufacturing Group, who died suddenly on 10 October 2007.  Mr Mansour is an Egyptian national and is survived by his wife and 2 year old daughter.
The University wishes to record formally its condolences to Mrs Mansour, the wider family, and Usama's friends and colleagues.  The sudden and unexpected death of a student always brings a time of sadness and reflection for those closely affected, and the wider University commmunity.


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.ult.jpg

October 06, 2007

fleeting time

Times are really flying, from my born till today, it's almost 22 years, when I sit here for this essay, there are an awful lot of memories flashing by.

I love my parents, they let me enable to touch this world with my hands and my brain. They did their best to support me for my grouth and education whcih let me really understand the definition of real human's spirit and courage.

I miss my friends, althought we are separate into many differents places and enviroment, with their best wishes and blessing, I can face any difficulties without any fear. I know I am very lucky to know you guys, it's my honour and I will never forget.

Now, let's starting fight !!


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.ult.jpg

October 05, 2007

First impressions of Britain.

I remember it as if it was yesterday, when I walked along in the Warwick the first night, I had a very strongly feeling which lead me into my childhood - everything was fresh. Frankly, it is really a long time that I hadn't experienced this feeling, this time I smiled unselfconsciously.


Actually, for my personal opinion, I love the UK because of its quiet circumstance and friendly relationship; I was really unaccustomed when some people who were strange for me say "hello" "morning" "how are you" to me. Sometimes I was very compunctious for my lingering actions -----  I just smiled all the time without any feedback. Now I won't make these mistakes any more. I am really sorry about that for those people who might be hurt by me.


"They are always smiling when they talk to you". It is the biggest impression that British gave me and it made me comfortable as well, I love this atmosphere and it effect on me unconsciously. In other words, the smile made the women more beautifully and the man more gentlemanly. Moreover, from the first day till now, I never have seen any people angrily to each other which made me feel very safely.


Before I came to the UK, my parents told me to phone them as possible as I can, but till now I just have phoned them for less than 5 times, in other words, I don't miss them and it let me feel very sorry about that, I haven't got the homesick yet, therefore, I haven't signed a phone as well, maybe I won't be homesick. I am a cool blood man. In addition, what of different between past and now, I never told my emotive story to anybody, and I never enjoy hearing anybody tell me his story as well, it's not me, what's happened and what's wrong with it?


In one word, I fall in love with this country and it sounds that I am being changed unconsciously, what will I become some years later? I don't want to change but it was.


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.GIRL

October 04, 2007

all done

recently my blog has something wrong

but It has been all fixed now

many thanks to the admin



Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.GIRL

July 29, 2007


Q: Library: What you can do in library? How many books can you get and how long can you keep them? How to renew or request a book? What kind of resources you can find in library? Can you bring food and drinks in some place? Does Coventry has any library and how do get there?

A: I think computer can replace the library, according the experience I have lived in RenMin university for 2 years, I found that computer is more faster than library in finding information. But I like library, because it¡¯s environment is loneness.

Q.Teachers: What can a personal tutor do and what kind of questions you can ask her/him? How can you get contact with a lecture by e-mail or phone? Do teachers have blogs and can you get any help from that?

A: personal tutor? it¡¯s need additional tuition fee? hehe~

Q.Colleagues: Can you get in touch with any colleagues with the same major as you? And what advice can you get from them? (assignment? Module selection? Etc.) Do they have blogs and what can you learn from that?

A: The all classmates in RenMin university maybe the colleagues? if it is, we always help each other.

Q.Study opportunities out of class: Any conference? Any cooperated project with people from other university? Any speech in city center? How can you find the information about all those opportunities?

A: strangeness, god help me.


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.GIRL

July 20, 2007


Q: which accommodation do you prefer?
A: I perfer lakeside.

Q: Why do you choose this one? price?facilities?location?
A: I choose it for its beautiful environment around it, maybe the ducks are also the reason for my choice.

Q: where did you investigate and apply for your residence? online? asking previous students?
A: I investigated it online.

Q: Did you check out this page? (http://www2.warwick¡­)
A: yes, but it can¡¯t help us a lot, because there are no residence¡¯s picture, they are just discussing. If there are more pictures, we wolud choose our lives more easily.


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.GIRL

July 19, 2007


Ender's TASK have been appeared 3 times

But due to my bad quality of net

I can just open my Warwick's blog in the midnight

so till now I didn't do any TASK

I'm very sorry for it

Fortunately,today I find that I can open the website easily if I use surrogate

And I use all night to improve my Blog's quality and something else.

look at the time, it's 7:15 now!! It's in the morning in China!! I just can't believe that I am so powerful to insist the whole night.

Oh, but I can't sleep in this very time, because it's time for breakfast-.-


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, no good thing ever dies.ult

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