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December 20, 2007


Hey, guys, please do not talk eaasy with me~all right? this is my bad dream!!!

HAha, it's a joke . But, it cantains my feeling on last days. before the day, i have written about 3 essay. this is the first time i wrote essay~ i still remmebered i have never written so long article in past times. 1000+2000+500 words, what a huge project~ i never think i could finish it~ but , i have done it~ and i have a lot of feelings about this experience~


i remmeber when i take the handout about essay firstly, i couldn't say anything~~i have a little unconfident, i don't belive myself can finish it ~~So i alway escaped and far away from the essay.


With the deadline coming, i have to face to my essay~ but i also didn't know how to deal with it. i just read the topic again and again untill i fall asleep~~ come on, man~i shoudn't wait all the time~it has a short time, i must finish it as soon as possible~


Lastly, my heart is calm~so i asked some classmates and listensed to their advices~ Book, yes, i must read some book about my essay~ because i have no idea in my mind~ so i borrow some useful books and read it carefully~ Now, i have to say, no more than these book saves me~


It just few days left~ i must finish it before deadline~ i prepared the coffee, redbull, bread and so on. i decide to make arduous efforts to do it~ the series of night i was not fall asleep, i just took the pen and wrote endless~ i told myself, i must finish it~Do a nice work, you are a man~hah


When i wrote the last word of the essay, i feel i fly into the sky~ i was tired~ but i done it~ Done it, i can do it~

This experience i will not forget it~ my confidence are increasing a lot~ As advertisement said, nothing impossible~only you put in your heart , try your best, just do it~ i also sum up some experience, find some method. i think if i write the essay again, i will waste a lot time to reaserch the material and read some imformations~ Make a plan and clear structure~then, follow this factors, thinking more, just put your words into the paper~maybe it is a simiple job~haha~

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