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October 05, 2008

My vacation in Milton Keynes

Time flies away, my vacation have passed and i also went back to the campus. Run over the past 3 months, which was a nice memory in my mind. I clearly remembered that period of June, i still hesitated whether i should go back to China or stay in UK to training myself. Finally, i made a decision not to leave, because i knew i could improve my English and gain some work experiences if i am in here; back to hometown, which means i just enjoyed the holiday and lost the better time for challenging myself in a new environment.

In the beginning of i arrived in Milton Keynes, i felt very lonely and unhappy, this is because i was not  familiar with there, except the whole day's work, i have no interests on something else. This style of life lasted nearly one month, suddenly in one day, which changed a bit. That was one afternoon, i was walking to my home when finished work, there is two boys were playing football on the way. I slow down my foot, and naturally joined them to play together. One of boy named Naski, who comes from Sri lanca, an immigration family. He was lively and friendly to me, the most important was that we also supported Manchester United football team. From then on, we become the good friend, sometimes we talked about the football stars, sometimes we played X-BOX games together, otherwise he taught me some French words, because his grandparents ever was taught and governed by French in the old days, the litter Naski could speak 3 languages, his mother language, English and French. During that period, we got on well with each other, however, i had to back to my campus before the new term's coming, though i would not like to leave him. Before the day i left from MK, i was invited to Naski's house by his mum, i enjoyed the  mum handmade's cake which was very delicious, and i took the photos with them as memory. At last, we said to each other, 'we will meet again!'


me with Nuski, who is my litter brother

I would like to share my other fun pictures in MK with us, i won'tget dinner with my colleagues and shuang forget that wonderful times!women police with strong horse, smiling to me!

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