March 03, 2008

It is a long time

it is a long time before i wrote my blog last time. recently, i feel very tired and confused. maybe, i met all kings of different problems  in living and study. and i also didn't know what is going on .

about living

as a international student, it is a difficult thing to live in a strange country. after all, my english is not good, and i spend a little time learning and reading. as usual, i always wasted a lot of time on the line, playing, chatting, and watching some Chinese websites. so i get more and more lonely, far away from foreigners. maybe, i am lack of confidence. i prefer to live in my world, and i know it is a big issue. when i talked with others, i found i couldn't express my idears as well, and even i start to doubt myself. usually, i will get a simple thing into complex, thinking again and again, however, i dind't  find any result which i wanted at last~ 

about study

as usual, i am a lazy boy. i always leave the academic in one side and think about a little time on it. after all, essay and homework is a part of my study, which is taking a important part. no good preparation, no good result, i clear this sentence, but i did very badly~ this term nearly passed, some works are still waiting for me, i shall pay more attention to this serious problem which between living and study.

wait is a fair thing, because nobody want to live in a uncertain world~ do what i should do~~ no time to wait and waste~ good luck, fei~

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  1. Well done~Fei! Writing blogs is brave, keeping writing it is even braver. You have expressed yourself very clearly, at least I understand everything. But some small problems you may need to pay attention to. Actually, I suggest that after you publish firstly, you could read the entry on the blog, then you just pretend to be a reader and try to find your problems by yourself. For instance, the first sentence could be changed into ” it has been a long time since I wrote my blog last time”. Be confident, try your best, review your own work as much as possible, I will also help you to find the tiny mistake out. Keep your blog, so we can learn from each other.

    03 Mar 2008, 22:02

  2. thx~ as u said, i made some tine mistakes~ maybe, when i wrote it, i cannot find mistake what i made. next time, i will care about it~
    in other words, if i change my mind into English, i may write more fluency. in alomostly time, i always publish my blog in Chinese, so i keep in a habit. but i believe i can do better in a near future !

    03 Mar 2008, 22:14

  3. I am sure you will, definitely. I have confidence in you! Just re-read what you have written above, you may find sth slightly wrong, maybe because of typing wrongly. Anyway, keep on, do not only follow what all the others are doing, keep your own pace, as you are walking on the path of your own life.

    I will always be with you when you need help, but the basis is that you need to try by yourself at first.

    PS: I suggest that you should have a look at the book How English Works for the chapter about tenses, especially past tense, and the present perfect tense.

    03 Mar 2008, 22:32

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