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March 03, 2008

It is a long time

it is a long time before i wrote my blog last time. recently, i feel very tired and confused. maybe, i met all kings of different problems  in living and study. and i also didn't know what is going on .

about living

as a international student, it is a difficult thing to live in a strange country. after all, my english is not good, and i spend a little time learning and reading. as usual, i always wasted a lot of time on the line, playing, chatting, and watching some Chinese websites. so i get more and more lonely, far away from foreigners. maybe, i am lack of confidence. i prefer to live in my world, and i know it is a big issue. when i talked with others, i found i couldn't express my idears as well, and even i start to doubt myself. usually, i will get a simple thing into complex, thinking again and again, however, i dind't  find any result which i wanted at last~ 

about study

as usual, i am a lazy boy. i always leave the academic in one side and think about a little time on it. after all, essay and homework is a part of my study, which is taking a important part. no good preparation, no good result, i clear this sentence, but i did very badly~ this term nearly passed, some works are still waiting for me, i shall pay more attention to this serious problem which between living and study.

wait is a fair thing, because nobody want to live in a uncertain world~ do what i should do~~ no time to wait and waste~ good luck, fei~

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